Meet Bandit!


Hi everyone! I’m Bandit and I thought I’d introduce myself to you all :)


wpid-wp-1428489153552.jpgI was born on December 17th 2013 but my forever family brought me home on March 21st 2014 (I was a mothers day present for mama).

I’m a cross between a staffy and a collie and I’ve clearly got the best of both breeds. I’ve got the slim build of a collie and the beautiful coat of a staffy and I’m just a bundle of joy to be around!

I love sleeping as well as running around like a mad man outside, spying on the neighbours through a make-shift spy hole in the mesh window netting and playing with my purple frisbee!

I’m not a big fan of people who sit in my spot and I don’t like cats – they scare me :(

I’m training myself to be in the next Guinness book of world records by chewing my toys into tiny pieces as quickly as possible. I think I’m getting pretty close to breaking the current record ;)

When I’m outside, I really like playing frisbee and trying to rip out the bristles from the broom (click here to watch a video of me with my broom).

I love all kinds of food! I really like sweet potatoes and sausages and beef and carrots and pretty much anything with gravy.

I try really hard to share my love with everyone, but as soon as Steven comes in, I get so excited I can’t help but jump all over him until he plays with me. I would say he’s my best friend (sorry dad!)


cuddling steven on the sofa

People think I’m weird because I climb on top of the sofa and sit like a cat. But it gives the best view of the neighbours and passers-by. 


 My sister also laughs at me for running funny and she thinks I can’t hear her but I do. It’s not my fault my legs don’t move as quick as my head does :( but I still love her though! She lets me cuddle her all the time. I love cuddles! :) 


cuddling becky in bed


cuddling mama on the sofa


napping on her lap

It was really lovely getting to tell you all about myself. I hope you find me as cute as my family does and I’ve inspired you to get an adorable canine pal like me (instead of those mean cats) but please remember, that dogs take a lot of care and a tonne of love so don’t hurt a poor puppy because you’re not ready. Maybe test out some goldfish first. Or a cat. I really don’t like cats. 

Thanks for reading my profile! I’m giving you all big kisses through the screen :D 

Bandit xo


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