Stop Sexualizing My Body!


parental advisory

I just want to start by saying that this post is entirely my opinion and just a massive rant really. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take what I’m saying seriously though.

I was born naked. And depending on how and when, I’ll most likely die naked too. So I don’t understand why people have to twist their knickers over a pair of boobs! I understand sexualization, I do. But why am I not the person who chooses when my body should be sexualized? It’s my body after all. If you see a woman with her breasts exposed, what’s your immediate thought? Ooh boobies? Or are you more inclined to think it’s inappropriate and she should cover up before a child sees?


That’s another thing I don’t understand. Why is it such a taboo for a child to see a pair of breasts? Since when were boobies so disgusting, so ridiculously dirty that we have to hide them away for fear of our children being traumatised? The real problem, is that you make such a big deal out of a pair of tits which is what leads to this over-sexualization of them when we’re older. Boobs are made for feeding our young. In the mammal world, a mama gives birth to a baba and the baba suckles on the mama’s nipples for nutrition until they’re old enough to eat solids. That’s how it works. And although you may choose to bottle feed, the principle is the same. All mammal babies have it imprinted in their DNA to go for the boob. It’s the most important thing they know. Kids and adults alike, find comfort in the bosom of many a woman. I may be 20 years old, but whenever I’m with my mama bear, I cuddle into her chest and I instantly feel safe. There’s no wonder guys find breasts so entertaining when it’s like a piece of code in their system, telling them to go straight for the jugs.
Just because a guy goes for boobs, doesn’t make him a pervert.

Exposing your breasts isn’t going to corrupt your child. It’s not going to turn them into a sex fiend or rapist because they saw a pair of boobs. What’s going to do that is the excessive amount of time and attention we put in to stop people being exposed to the human body. So what it’s a pair of boobs. Get over it!

Now, I must say right now that I do not agree with any media platform that purposely exposes the human body to be sexualized, but that’s my personal opinion. I will stand by my statement of ‘my body, my choice’ with regards to a person choosing to have their body sexualized if they so wish. Society doesn’t need to reduce every single picture of the naked body to pornography or dehumanize it. It’s not natural and that is what is corrupting our children. If we didn’t emphasise how ‘wrong’ it is to be naked then we might not have so much gender inequality issues. I’m not saying we wouldn’t have any problems either, but I like to think that all this really isn’t helping in the fight of equality.
We should respect each other’s bodies, not degrade it or ban it.

cartoon vs real

But I do wonder about how this all started, was it as far back at the stone age? Or did this culture only pop up recently? I hope a cavewoman didn’t see her reflection in the lake one day and think ‘ew, I’m gonna use that leftover buffalo skin and cover myself’ and thus starting the trend of body-shaming.

I like my body. Naked or clothed. And I would like to have the right to choose whether my body is sexualized, because it’s not just men who do this. Quite often, it’s women who find it offensive and end up causing more problems than they think they’re solving.

I’m not a nudist or a naturalist or anything like that. I just think it’s unfair that we have lost the ability to look at a naked body for what it is, instead of looking at it like a piece of meat and labeling it as ‘dirty’.
I don’t believe that the exposure of a woman’s breasts is going to make someone rape her. At least it wouldn’t if we addressed the issue properly. And by properly, I mean we need to stop sexualizing the human body. If I wanted to be objectified or gawked at like a piece of meat then I would probably say so! I’m a human being and when people say that my naked body is offensive to them, that strips away my right to be a human. I will not apologise for my body. The problem doesn’t lie with me for wearing skimpy clothing or going topless on the beach. The problem lies with those who think it’s offensive when someone shows their body.

1) it’s none of your business how other people live their lives
2) why are you sexualizing them anyway? You’re the real perv, ya perv.


I’m not saying we all need to protest and march on Downing Street in the nude because the British weather doesn’t really allow us to do that but I just want to make you all take a moment to think about how society has changed us. And not for the better.

I could go on and on about this issue because it really bothers me, as I’m sure it does to many people. I may reflect on this post later and write a response but for now, I leave you with my thoughts and I hope you understand that although this is a pretty angry-fuelled rant, it’s coming from a good place. I don’t want my future children growing up in a world where they feel ashamed, embarrassed or even afraid.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this rant. I would love to read your views on this topic and suggestions on how we can help to reduce the over-sexualization of the female body. Please feel free to share your opinions in the comment section!


RebeccaJane xo 


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