So last Monday (20th) I had the dentist. Just a routine check up, nothing major. Although I have many fillings from being a stubborn child, I’ve always had a good review from the dentist and stole many a miniature toothpaste from the reception desk.
So I have my appointment at 9.30am – thanks to my wonderful mother who decided to book it for me with no regard for my rem cycle – and after the check up she asked if I wanted a quick scale and polish. So I thought why not and got it done. It felt totally fine for the process – took less than 10 minutes and got some minty fresh mouthwash afterwards. Left with my mini pastes and went back home to eat sweets.
Now I’ve never had a scale and polish before so I’m not entirely sure about the pain etc afterwards and as I said, it didn’t hurt or anything for the process, but after it, I can feel my gum at the back of my lower right side REALLY FECKING SORE! Like it’s been ripped out or something. No, it has been ripped out. I can feel bits of it flapping about at the back of my mouth and now I can’t eat on that side. And that’s my favourite side to chew on. The other night I was eating strawberries and some of the seeds got stuck in the loose gum bit and it was the biggest ordeal trying to dig them out.
Safe to say I don’t think I’ll be getting a scale and polish again.

I know it’s probably me and the dentist is a lovely woman and I’ve been going to her for a while now but I never expected this and it’s not that pleasant to be honest.
If you’ve experienced similar then let me know. Also, if you think I’m just a big wimp, let me know.

Doped up on Co-codamol.

RebeccaJane :) xo




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