What’s In My Bag? Placement Preparation


what's in my bag? student midwife placement preparation

Last week I started back on placement again. This is the first part of my last few months as a student midwife (hopefully) so I thought I’d show you what I put in my bag for placement :)

Steven’s mum got me a new bag just for placement, which is very kind of her. I’m clearly making a good impression as a potential daughter-in-law! It’s a Firetrap™ one and has plenty of space to pack everything I need.



And here’s what’s in my bag!


what's in my bag? student midwife placement edition

  • Pens – mostly black, some red.
  • Water bottle – this one is a Voss® glass bottle I got in Tesco.
  • Lip balmNivea® Essential Care.
  • PerfumeGhost Deep Night eau de toilette.
  • Soothers – I love Hall’s Soothers. Especially the blackcurrant and strawberry flavour.
  • Earphones – for listening to tunes on the bus.
  • Antibacterial spray – this is just the generic hospital one.
  • Tape – this is actually hospital tape I found after a shift when I was emptying my pockets.

Not pictured – my student documents are always in my bag just in case my mentor and I get a spare moment to go through them. Rare, but it happens.

So that’s what is in my bag for placement. Is there anything you take with you to work or suggestions? Leave a comment below :)

RebeccaJane xo


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