15 Things That Annoy Me

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15 Things That Annoy Me

Counter-post from my previous 15 Things That Make Me Happy, I have made a list of the 15 things that annoy me. As I started writing this list, I found myself overflowing with little things that irritate me so it was tough to narrow it down to a top 15. So I chose the ones that I tend to come into contact with more often, so here we go!

  • people who chew with their mouths open – it’s disgusting and no one wants to see your food rolling around in that mess.
  • when it’s raining AND blowing gale force winds!
  • owners who don’t clean up after their pets – 1) it ruins it for the rest of us and our pooches and 2) THAT’S NASTY!!
  • toilets you need to pay for – I’m not hunting for 30p just so I can relieve myself. It’s a natural part of life.
  • eavesdroppers/people who butt into other peoples’ conversations – you know who you are.
  • queue jumpers – especially when I’ve been stood in the cold/wind/rain for 30mins!!!
  • people who use their phone in the cinema – if you’re in front of me and I see your phone light up more than once, be prepared for my feet in the back of your head!
  • packaging that requires scissors to open – and even then it still manages to cut you.
  • when the cashier puts your change ON TOP of your receipt and expect you to be okay with it. Umm no.
  • cars blocking pedestrian crossings – unless the light up ahead has just turned red, you have no excuse.
  • keyboard gangsters who can’t handle real life situations – be nice or go away.
  • body-shaming culture – need I say more?
  • ignorance – especially when people like running their mouths without the facts!
  • when the TV shows the same movies every weekend – and it’s always the rubbish sequels and never the really good ones!

That’s my top 15 things that annoy me. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

RebeccaJane xo

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5 thoughts on “15 Things That Annoy Me

    1. That is a brilliant tip! Thanks for sharing haha ☺ I once put in my 30p and then the gate never turned so I had to cross-legged walk over to the customer services and ask for them to let me in! You don’t recover from that kind of embarrassment! X

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  1. A very fun post indeed haha! I agree with many of them – especially picking up your dogs mess! With being a ‘young lady’ I often have people stop and watch to make sure I pick up after my dog, so stereotypical, when in fact it’s more so men that I see not picking up.

    I think I have too many pet peeves to list…lol people who don’t indicate in their cars is a big one though.



    1. Totally agree with the indicators Danielle! There were way too many thinngs on my list, I’ll need to make a part 2 and a part 3… and a part 4 haha

      Thanks for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it :-) xo


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