Flashback Friday – How I Met My Boyfriend

Flashback Friday, Personal

Happy Friday y’all! Hope you’re week is going fab and you’re all getting excited for the weekend (unless you’re working then boo!) Another Flashback Friday here and today I thought I’d share the memory of when I first met Steven :D Sound romantic? Well it’s not…


PocahontasJane and Steven

About 5 years ago at the end of April, I was with my pals and we were going to a field party (yes, where I live, we have parties in fields with big marquees and DJ’s and outdoor bars in the rain – we’re that cool) and everything was buzzing. The music had me busting moves like Britney and the gals were downing the cheapest drinks they could get their dainty little fingers on (mostly Lambrini because we’re classy birds) and we were just generally having a good time :) One of my friends had a tad too much to drink so myself and her boyfriend carried her to their tent which just so happened to be behind a massive tree branch. So we managed to negotiate our way over the thick branch carrying her and eventually got her in the tent for a nap. Then we went back and partied like it was the 90s – even though I don’t even remember the 90s but I’m sure that’s what parties were like back then.

The night was pretty uneventful until I’m chatting away with some of my friends when this super arrogant meat-head comes up and is trying to be all suave dishing out the worst chat up lines in existence and when he realised that wasn’t working, decided to lift up his shirt and flash the washboard abs, which obviously made the girls swoon. I, however, was unconvinced. Flirty but fiesty, I remained chatting to him and sneakily got a peak at his phone while he was texting. Turns out, this badass boy was texting not one, not two, but THREE girls – all whom I knew from previous field parties. That so-called ‘playa’ turned out to the future love of my life. Although I was in serious denial about it that night. I’m no one’s booty call, but alas, he tried very hard. Very hard indeed. He proceeded to follow me to the bonfire where he tried to get me drunk by pouring a massive bottle of Strongbow down my throat. But my stubbornness kept me sober and eventually he took the hint and moved on. I went back to my pals and tried to enjoy the rest of the night. We all ended up falling asleep huddled together because it was cold. I woke up before most people and went to sit at the bench and guess who comes over? Mister ‘oh look at me I have muscles and a black beanie on my head so I must be so hip and cool’ and his pal who’s name resembled a laptop – Dell.

Yet again, he tries to get me drinking and is chatting away. We end up having a normal conversation which ended with him giving me a kiss on each cheek (who does he think he is? seriously, no girl would fall for his BS) and later, once I got home, I had a Facebook request. It was from a guy named Steven.

And that is how Steven and I met.

Long story short, I thought he was a massive arrogant prick and I’m honestly so surprised I stuck it out a further two years for him to prove he’s not actually that guy. Of course, I’m glad I did though :)

Do you have an unusual story about when you first met your best friend or other half? Or was it as romantic as the movies tell us? Let me know in the comments below :)

RebeccaJane xo

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RebeccaJane and Steven


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