Flashback Friday – Kavos Part 1

Flashback Friday, Personal

Aloha hello! And a happy Friday to all! The sun is shining but unfortunately I’ve just come off a night shift and I’m on again tonight so I am off to bed! This weeks Flashback Friday is going to be part 1 of my Kavos holiday with my gal pals! So much happened that I have to split it up so you can digest all the hilarious moments!

Let’s start at the beginning with the first night out!


Flashback Friday Kavos Part1

I’ll give y’all a brief introduction to Kavos. Last August, I went to Kavos (a small party place in the south of Corfu) with my two best friends, Emma and Sarah. We went for one week and had a blast! Emma loves her tan – she was in Portugal with her family for a week before we flew so she could be nice and dark for the boys ;) What a gal! Here we are together in our shabby-chic apartment!

Flashback Friday Kavos1

So onto our first night out! We got there on the Friday and booked all our nights out then chilled by the pool for a bit and then did a miniature walk up the strip until I got hungry and we all stopped for dinner at a lovely diner that served up big portions for pennies. That kept me happy! 

Our first night out was on the Saturday and it was a Frat Party! I know what you’re thinking, Stifler style kegger with beer pong and funnels and general fraternity-style atmosphere that we see in movies all the time? I thought that too! But it couldn’t have been farther from the reality. Turns out, there were no drinking games, no beer pong, no American-style anything! All we did was do a pub crawl and a few shitty games that involved one girl and one boy doing push ups and then going round the group trying to get certain items of clothing. It was poor show compared to my expectations. To be honest, I could probably throw a killer Frat party and put them to shame (I WILL!) but nevertheless, we were all determined to have fun so I didn’t let that one massive little thing ruin my night. So I did what any other 20 year old would do… I got drunk. Actually it was unintentional. I thought the slushees were plain ice and syrup (but they were actually already loaded with booze) so when the bartender asks if I want vodka, of course I said yes! It was a night out, I’m no square! So yeah, I ended up getting very drunk. The most drunk I have ever been. Embarrassingly drunk. And I was not hiding it either. I got up on that pole and werked it gurl! I gave Miley Cyrus a run for her money that’s for sure! I ended up ditching Emma and Sarah for some new irish pals who shared a passion for outrageous dance moves! It got to the point, where I was so drunk that the entire earth was moving far too quickly for my poor little short-sighted eyes to focus so I decided to go home and sleep it off. I knew I wasn’t in control anymore and didn’t want to risk being attacked or worse (I’m such a killjoy but that constantly worries me) so I walked out of the club and headed back to the apartment. I decided to phone Steven (who I forgot was at my mum’s that night along with my sister) and was telling him all about how I let loose and felt great because I never let my hair down like that – especially in a foreign country where anything could happen. Seriously, I’m too paranoid about bad things happening that I’m both shocked and proud of my behaviour. Anyway, I’m telling Esteban all about how I was the Beyoncé of Kavos and busting moves like no one’s bizniz only for him to put me on handsfree and let my entire family listen to how drunk I was and bragging about wiggling my butt on a pole. Mortified is an understatement!

PocahontasJane Flashback Friday Kavos Part1

PocahontasJane Flashback Friday Kavos Part1

So I manage to find my way back and I’d just like to say that all the people I encountered on my journey were so friendly and kind offering me help to get back and even the guy at the bar who gives us back our room key asked if I would like someone to escort me to my room. I was genuinely overwhelmed with their kindness. It really made me feel that much safer.

I’m back in the room, I put on my jammies and lie down. I couldn’t be bothered to take my make up off because the room was moving so much I would probably have missed my face anyway so I went to sleep and woke up sometime later when Sarah comes back in with KFC chicken… KAVOS FRIED CHICKEN!! What a total misleading rip off that seriously broke my heart because it tasted like real KFC! SO she wakes me up and starts feeding me chicken. I loove chicken! She was also kind enough to wipe my still-perfect make up off and tie my hair in a super cute bun :) The only downside is that the chicken was just too much for my stomach to handle and I ended up barely making it to the toilet before spewing. Naturally, I then became all emotional and told Sarah how much I loved her. Which was 100% true because I felt awful making her take care of me and ruining her night. It’s not fair, but we bonded that night.

You’re probably wondering where Emma was when all this romance was going on. Well, Emma decided to take a tour of Corfu and ran away down the strip and Sarah couldn’t find her. But she made it back to the apartment in one piece. Safe to say we made sure we stuck together after that! I also decided not to drink after that night too since the whole of the next day, all three of us were stuck in bed except for the 10 minutes Emma and I left to get burgers for dinner.

And that was our first night in Kavos! Hope you enjoy reading these little memories from my life. Have you ever been on a girls holiday? :D

Have a great weekend y’all!

RebeccaJane xo

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PocahontasJane Flashback Friday Kavos Part1PocahontasJane Flashback Friday Kavos Part1


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