Day Out: Camperdown Wildlife Centre


Everyone loves a good day out, especially if it’s actually a really fun and interesting one that is perfect for everyone! I love going to the local wildlife centre because it’s never the same visit and all the animals are super cute! Camperdown wildlife centre is just a short bus ride from my flat and costs £4.50 per adult but they also do great deals for families. Camperdown is located in Dundee, Scotland and is just a few miles from the main roads that go through Dundee so it’s easy to find without going off into several different roads. You can visit their website for more info about opening times and special events :) They also have a lovely little café in the reception area which serves delicious food and hot drinks, plus the gift shop has a selection of cute animals (I really want the brown bear teddy – it’s so freaking adorable).

Now let’s get to the animals because that’s the real reason you’re reading this ;)

DonkeyLet’ start with the super cute donkey! This little fella was so friendly letting me stroke him and tickle his ears :) He’s one of the first animals you’ll meet if you follow the map they give you at reception.

goat?This goat was also very friendly letting me tickle his ears. He didn’t like Steven very much though – probably jealous of another man getting near me haha!

TortoiseThis tortoise was so fast I never managed to get a full body shot but trust me when I say he was huge!

PeacockThis gorgeous fella was strutting his stuff all over the place and just going about teasing the other animals who couldn’t get out of their areas whereas this badass was just going anywhere he wanted!


white wolf













These camera-shy cuties are marmosets and were having a pamper day on our arrival – seriously though, how cute are they? And that she-wolf? MUAH!

TamarinThis one is by far my favourite and cutest of the lot! The utterly gorgeous and incredibly cuddly tamarin! I fell in love with this little guy the second I laid eyes on him! If I could have him as a pet, I totally would! He would be my best pal just chilling on my shoulder and coming for cuddles and hi-fives! Ugh, I can picture such a beautiful life for us, but alas, it’s not meant to be :(

Okay so these are just a very small percentage of the animals you’ll meet if you visit Camperdown Wildlife Centre but this post would be endless if I put them all on it so I’ll maybe do another post with more animals in the near future! Some of them love the camera and others hide the minute you bring it out.

Are there any interesting/fun things to do where you live? Or have you ever been to Camperdown?

RebeccaJane xo

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