Flashback Friday – My First Prom

Flashback Friday, Personal

Aloha hello! Happy Weekend to all! I’m working (boo!) but hopefully this time next week I’ll be home with my family and Esteban and Bandit and I’ll be the happiest girl alive again! This week’s Flashback Friday is on my first and only Prom 3 years ago (give or take a couple days). My super amazing friend Ruaridh invited me to be his date to his school’s prom and of course I wasn’t going to pass up that kinda opportunity! My school didn’t do prom, we had Candlemas which was held in the first week of February so it’s bloody freezing and we only got a 30 minute disco and the rest of the time the school hall was brightly lit and we were all ceilidh-dancing with teachers and people we didn’t want to because we weren’t allowed to say no. So Prom was a big deal for me.



PocahontasJane Flashback Friday First Prom


I went to Moffat (where Ruaridh lives and is located in the South West of Scotland) and got ready at my friend Hayley’s house. Ruaridh got me a lovely corsage (even though he had no idea what one was or where it went until I requested one to go with my dress haha) and I got him a tie that matched my dress so we looked pretty hot! Well he did, as you can see I’m a bit of a baby whale but I’ve been working on it slowly over the last 3 years haha not!


PocahontasJane Flashback Friday First Prom

Please ignore my frizzy and straggly split ends. I got my hair cut literally a week later and it all got chopped off! Thaaanks! This is me, hayley and her friend Hannah (I think that’s her name anyway, it was a while ago) Look how gorgeous they are! All the girls and boys at Moffat Academy were all so friendly to me and even asked me to dance when Ruaridh was busy playing photographer for the evening! It was a truly lovely night and I didn’t feel nervous at all considering I only knew two people.

PocahontasJane Flashback Friday First Prom


Isn’t Ruaridh just the most handsome devil you’ll ever seen in that gorgeous suit and tie that matches my dress perfectly? ;) hehehe We had a lovely evening and then headed to the after party at someone’s house – we got changed into ‘party wear’ and got the booze at the ready. We made plans to leave the after party at 4am and the taxi’s were all booked for then so there was no way any of us were gonna leave before then… Or was there? :P

PocahontasJane Flashback Friday First Prom


I didn’t really drink much so I was borderline sober all night but had a really good time laughing and dancing with everyone and having general chat with people. Again, everyone was so lovely to me and made an effort to talk to me and make me feel welcome which was just so comforting as Ruaridh and Hayley disappeared with their friends drinking and when I finally found them all again, they were pretty drunk. Hayley was a better drunk than Ruaridh. Hayley could at least handle her drink so was just more chatty than usual which was fine because we could still talk and laugh whereas Ruaridh had a tad too much and ended up being a bit sick so we were close to calling th taxi earlier but the trooper stuck it out til home time and we staggered out of the taxi and into his home. I got his brother’s bedroom (his brother was away at uni – I didn’t just randomly crawl into bed with his brother haha) and Ruaridh went to his room and KO’d. We got home about 4.30am and I had to be up at 8am to get the bus home with Hayley for my friend’s birthday that day so I went into his room and nudged him awake to walk to me Hayley’s to pick her up before the bus. En route, we walked past his mum at work and she saw how rough he was and laughed! That was a pretty funny moment! All in all, my first ever prom was pretty awesome and I am forever thankful to Ruaridh for inviting me, Hayley for letting me get ready with her and all the rest of the gang who were so friendly and kind to me :D

What was your first prom like? Or do you have something different?

RebeccaJane xo

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