Jurassic World 3D



So on Sunday, my friend Eilisha and I went to Cineworld to see Jurassic World. Our other friend Emma was supposed to come but she couldn’t make it at the last minute so it was just us two but it was actually really nice because Eilisha doesn’t tell me off for talking and laughing like my other pals. You know who you are.
I don’t normally buy food at the cinema but I decided I might as well treat myself since it was for my birthday and I got nachos and a lemon Tango blast which was a bit fizzy even though it was slushy? Weird. And the nachos were alright but the jalapeños made them all soggy and the salsa was too chunky to scoop up so I made a mess of my leggings. Not to mention the fact I already wear glasses so having to layer it up with 3D glasses was suuper annoying considering the film really didn’t need to be in 3D in my opinion – there weren’t amany moments where the 3D was useful, ie dinosaurs biting out the screen. Anyway, on to the film.

1. The little kid from Insidious has not cut his hair since Insidious.
2. Making super-hybrid dinosaurs that are basically killing machines will always end in murder.
3. Velociraptors are the dogs of the Jurassic World!


4. Massive crocodile is the Shamu of the Jurassic World. Watch out for the splash boys and girls!
5. Chris Pratt spent the entire movie fully clothed. Wtf?

6. No woman, or man for that fact, could run as far as Claire did throughout the movie in high heels without being eaten. It’s just not possible.

Favorite Part – when the raptors are all on the hunt and Chris Pratt is riding his motor beside them like a pack of wolves. Seriously, I’m pretty sure everyone would say a big fat yes to going for a joyride with some raptors.

Have you seen Jurassic World? What did you think of it?

RebeccaJane xo


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