Quote of the Week #8

Quote of the Week

PocahontasJane Quote of the Week
Hello ladies and gentlemen. I hope the sun is shining where you are, unless it’s night time, then the sun won’t be out at all! Last week hosted my 21st birthday and my final week of placement before my summer holidays. I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night shifts (my birthday being on the Wednesday) and went to my sister’s in Kilmarnock on the Thursday after I finished. We drove down home on Friday and now I’m trying to work my way through this final essay that’s due this Friday, but I’m so busy with family it’s unreal. My granny just had an operation on her spine and my uncle who has cancer is coming up for a big family reunion. It’s also Steven’s birthday and I just feel like I’m not going to have any time to write this essay or even just have a moment to think. So I apologise in advance if I don’t blog this week. I’m hoping to share a post about what I got for my birthday but I think posting it a couple weeks after my birthday is a tad bit extreme but I’m sure no one will care that much.

I got my hair cut on Saturday. Nothing major, just a trim but it feels lighter and bouncier now that a professional did it and not just me hacking away with some kitchen scissors. My mum got the most chopped off. Her hair was super long – all the way down to her bum and then some and now it’s a couple inches below her shoulders. Seriously, there was so much of hers removed and it’s been so long since I’ve seen my mum with that short of hair it was weird. But it really suits her – makes her look younger I think :)

We drove out to the beach after our haircuts with Bandit and took a mini picnic. Bandit flat out refused to go in the water and when we dragged him, he raced to the nearest rock and tried to balance all four paws on this tiny rock to avoid touching the water. It was so funny – what a wimp! 

Anyway, enough about my weekend, here’s this week’s quote!

A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.

~ Henry Kissinger

This better motivate me to finish this essay! Have a great week everyone!

RebeccaJane xo 

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