Steven’s Birthday: Dinner at The Castle Restaurant


Yesterday was Steven’s 25th birthday! Woohoo! He was working (BOO!) but when he finished we went out for dinner at a lovely restaurant in my town. I had originally planned for a nice italian restaurant since he looves italian food but that restaurant was closed for a week – so I took my birthday money elsewhere lol and booked The Castle Restaurant in Kirkcudbright. I’ve been there before but it was years ago with my friend Paul and it was lovely so I figured it would be nice for Steven. They don’t have pasta dishes that he likes but he loves a good steak and I’ve heard great things about the restaurant’s steaks!

When he came home, we were both (well I was anyway) flustering about trying to look nice. I told him to wear something nice – not his usual t-shirt and jeans, but he goes all out with a navy blue shirt and dress trousers like he’s going to someone’s wedding. And here I am in a Primark blouse and patterned flared pants looking so hipster. Now on to the food!


Apologies but basically, I set out with all intentions to photograph every plateful but since the table was booked for 8pm and we were both pretty hungry by that point, we pretty much just hammered in to our starters so I never got a picture but trust my description.

I had the chicken tikka kebab – 3 skewers with chicken shaped like a cute isoceles triangle with tikka seasoning and a sweet chutney dip. Honestly, it was so nice and I’m picky about my tikka.

Steven had the special smoked salmon starter which was amazing! I’m so bad when it comes to eating from other peoples’ plates and Steven’s birthday was no exception. Thick cut slices of succulent smoked salmon served with baguette and butter and it was delicious. That starter alone was so blooming good, I would happily just have that as a snack if I were posh enough.


Now these are the only photographs I managed to take. First off, here’s the birthday boy’s fillet steak with mushrooms, onions and fat, crispy chips. 

fillet steak with chips

Please ignore his hands – he was waiting patiently for me to take a photograph before he literally devoured this. 

The steak is buried beneath those onions and mushrooms and it was so tender and creamy. Ordered medium-rare (luckily Steven and I have the same taste in steak) and it was a little closer to medium-well but it still tasted great! Funny moment – Steven genuinely thought the carrots were sweet potatoes. He actually argued with me about it until he ate it and realised it was not a carrot-flavoured sweet potato but an actual carrot.

My main was a super delicious Hake fillet in a spicy tomato Moroccan dressing served with new potatoes and veg. It was amazing!!

hake in spicy moroccan dressing

The dressing wasn’t as spicy as I anticipated but spicy enough that Steven wasn’t going to steal any of it hahaha (he can’t handle even the slightest bit of spice – he’s so boring) but I would totally have this dish again. It was just lovely. Initial taste of mint which I’m not a huge fan of, but then the subtle tomato flavour came through and settled the mint’s intensity down and made for a really tasty piece of fish. Not to mention, it was a decent portion of fish and I was full before I even finished it. The sauce went so well with the potatoes and the veg that I was mopping up the remaining sauce with Steven’s extra portion of chips.


Again, never got any photos of the desserts but I have a genuine reason this time. We were moved table to sit nearer the window to get a nice photo of us with the castle in the background (the owner/chef thought we were tourists until I told him who my mum is and then it clicked lol) and after the hullabaloo of moving tables and getting numerous pics until I was happy, we pretty much forgot and just dove right into them.

The Castle Restaurant Kirkcudbright

I got the orange panacotta tarte which was absolutely divine! Delicious panacotta on a tarte base with a small amount of a sickeningly sweet orange syrup that resembled the flavour of a Solero ice cream.

Steven got the tarte au citron which is essentially an orange tarte which was also delicious according to him. This was the one dish I never tasted both of as I was far too full by that point.

Then we went home and played UNO – which is a stupid game designed to destroy families and I hate it. Then we went to bed because he was working today and I was shattered by that point since Bandit had kept me going all day.

So that was how we celebrated Steven’s birthday! Next week we’re going to go to a lovely Greek restaurant I’ve heard about in Castle Douglas and I’m so excited so stay tuned for that!

Hope you’ve all had an amazing week and have a great weekend!

RebeccaJane xo

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