Patterson Clan Reunion


So I know I don’t normally post on Saturdays but last night was a special night so I felt like I needed to share it now and not next week to keep with my posting schedule. The Patterson Clan are my dad’s family and last night we went out to the Arden House Hotel for a lovely dinner for one of my many uncles’ recent nuptials to his long-term partner. My uncle Gary was diagnosed with brain cancer at the end of last year and it has been a struggle for the whole family to come to terms with this. For me, it mostly struck me with sadness for his now-wife Susan as they had been trying for a baby for a very long time and last June, finally had a beautiful baby girl named Lexi. I felt, and still feel awful for such sadness falling over a family when they have only just started an amazing and joyous chapter in their lives. I suppose that’s the circle of life, but it’s bullshit unfair.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom – let’s get to the exciting part! On Wednesday there, my uncle Gary and his partner Susan got MARRIED!! Together forever and now finally legal. The ceremony was small but in the photos I’ve seen on Facebook, Susan looked absolutely gorgeous!! And Uncle Gary looked lovely in his kilt too :) It was also a naming ceremony for Lexi to formally welcome her to the family as she recently turned 1! Yesterday was the first time that all members of the Patterson Clan were together in a long time (bar my sister who was unable to get it off work but hey ho, 99.9% ain’t bad) and it was the first time I had got to meet Lexi too which meant a lot since I’ve seen a tonne of photos of her but never got to actually give her a big kiss!

Patterson Clan Reunion Susan Gary Lexi

We had a big dinner which I will not delve into as I am still annoyed at my Uncle Dougie and his big fat head blocking the specials menu so I never noticed that I could have ordered a rack of bbq ribs instead and settled for a nice – although disappointing in comparison to ribs – macaroni cheese. This post is not about the food – it’s about celebrating family. It was the first time I had seen many of my family in a really long time. I mean so long that most of them didn’t even know I have a boyfriend (who by the way, I’ve been with for nearly 3 years) which is saying something.

I will add that I was dressed to impress and actually managed to do a pretty cute half braid hair-do which I’m impressed with. My only biological aunt – Aunty Alison – looked stunning as per usual and my Granny Nan was dressed all lovely in a pastel green blouse and cardigan (funnily enough, I was going to wear my pastel green blouse. So glad I didn’t in case we clashed lol).

It was a lovely evening and I really enjoyed seeing everyone again. I hope we can all do it again though and not wait for the next impromptu wedding!

Don’t take family for granted. You never know what’s waiting around the corner.

Spreading the love from the Patterson Clan to you!

RebeccaJane xo

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Patterson Clan Reunion


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