Disney’s Inside Out



Pete Docter
Ronnie del Carmen

Walt Disney Pictures
Pixar Animation Studios

Lewis Black (Anger)
Bill Hader (Fear)
Mindy Kaling (Disgust)
Phyllis Smith (Sadness)
Amy Poehler (Joy)

June 19, 2015 (United States)
July 24, 2015 (United Kingdom)

Inside Out follows a young girl named Riley and her five emotions who try their best to guide her through life and making memories. Until mom and dad move them all from their family home in Minnesota to a new house in San Francisco which throws the emotions out of whack and mayhem ensues, while manifesting themselves through Riley. Family-fun adventure that gives a real insight into the inner-workings of the human mind and makes us all wonder what our little voices are like :)

Favourite Part (SPOILER)
My favourite part is probably the beginning when we’re just getting to know each emotion and the role they play in Riley’s life. I absolutely love Disgust and Anger – they are my favourite characters as they are just hilarious and sarcastic and my kind of people haha. I honestly loved this film so much, I will be watching it over and over again :)

Have you seen Inside Out yet? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

RebeccaJane xo

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Inside Out Movie Poster Anger

Inside Out Movie Poster Fear

Inside Out Movie Poster Disgust

Inside Out Movie Poster Sadness

Inside Out Movie Poster Joy


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