Sunday Watch List


|Sunday Watch List

Sundays are made for treating yourself. Whether you have a pamper day or just cosy up with a good book and a cuppa tea. It’s the laziest day of the week for people who don’t work Sundays. It’s a day to unwind and take it slow. For me, Sundays tend to be a day where I just lounge on the sofa watching movies all day with multiple cups of sugary tea and sharing bags of Sensations crisps. Today, being Sunday, I thought I’d share what I’ll be watching today :)

Criminal Minds (season 7) – Basically because Mum has so many episodes recorded and hasn’t watched them so I’m slowly sifting my way through them all. It’s been fun though – we’ve made a competition out of who can guess why they did it before the halfway mark. So far I’m winning (obvs) :D

Disney’s Hercules – Channel 5 at 5.05pm ladies and gentlemen! One of my favourite Disney films is Hercules. I love Meg – she’s so sassy and cynical. I love it! My Papa and I love watching Disney films together so this will definitely be on today for us :)

Jurassic Park – ITV2+1 at 7.30pm. Since watching Jurassic World twice (see my post here for details) I’ve started to get back into the older movies. When I first watched them, I didn’t really enjoy them. Probably because I was very little so I’ll probs enjoy it more this time around. Plus dinosaurs.

Charlie’s Farm – a 2014 horror I’ve recently discovered. Some friends go to some creepy farm where a family were brutally murdered by an angry mob aka dumb kids gonna die!! IMDB rating of 4.6 but I find lower rating horrors the best anyway :D

And that is what is on my watch list today! What will you be watching today? Let me know in the comments below :)

Have a great Sunday!

RebeccaJane xo

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