Quote of the Week #10

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June is over. Julying? Hahaha I think that’s hilarious. Welcome to July folks! Even though it’s already the 6th but whatever, get over it. I hope you’re all well. What’s up with this weather huh? One minute it’s glorious sunshine, the next it’s an episode of Storm Chasers. Dafuq? Anyways, last week I was pretty lay-Z and didn’t really do much. My cousin turned 18 on Thursday though so we went to my grandparents for a barbecue which was nice. On the way home, we stopped and got some ice cream from the corner shop. I got cinder toffee and strawberry flavours which were both delicious. Also, Bandit has been a massive sook lately properly cosying up into me at bedtime and giving me that look to tell me ‘it’s time for bed’ and I can’t say no to his cute little face!

Last week mum and I watched like a million episodes of Criminal Minds. She has Sky on to record every. single. episode and it is hella annoying. When it was sunny, she was out in the garden flat out refusing to come inside and watch them so I could delete them and download my programmes (she has used virtually all the memory) so when it wasn’t as nice, we caught up by watching the first 30 mins, guessing why they did it and fast-forwarding to the end to see who was right. We got them ‘viewed’ in half the time and had fun :)

This week’s quote is just a little reminder to always be kind and humble. Enjoy!

No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is.

~ Irvin Himmel.

What did you do last week in the lovely weather we had so briefly? Let me know in the comments!

RebeccaJane xo

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