Herbal Essences Split End Protection Intensive Mask


Since the start of the year, I’ve been paying more attention to my haircare needs and adding/subtracting certain products to fit my hair’s preferences. For the last few months, I’ve been using the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Intensive Mask and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my ends.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Intensive Hair Mask

Packaging – it comes in a 200ml tub and although it is very cute, it isn’t very practical for in-shower use as water gets all up in it and after a while, the water makes the product very lumpy. It’s is a screw lid so you kind of have to open it, scoop out what you need and either apply it to your hair and then re-screw the tub or try and screw it back on with only one hand before applying. It’s a difficult choice and mostly a lose-lose situation.

Formula – it’s a gorgeous pink colour to reflect it’s main ingredient of red raspberry extract and it smells divine! I absolutely love this for the smell alone and I use the leave-in conditioner after every wash as it makes my hair smell so fruity and fresh! It isn’t thick like a cream but not too liquidy either if any of that makes sense. It does move around if you move the tub about which is why it’s so difficult to remove the water – you don’t want the product going with it.

Cost – I actually have no idea how much this is as it was another item taken from my mum’s (she has a problem with buying things and never using them) and I can’t find it online with Boots, Superdrug or Asda but I know it’s somewhere in the £4-5 range judging by their other intensive masks of the same volume.

Overall – I love this product and it has made a big difference to my ends. They no longer look straggly and dry but nourished and neat. I wish it came in a tube like their shampoo and conditioners but the packaging lets it down for me. I think £4-5 is very reasonable as you definitely get your money’s worth out of the 200ml tub and it does such a good job on your ends. Mine are so much healthier now since using this. I use it once a week as part of my pamper day :)

I would recommend this product because it does an amazing job and if you have split ends, I thoroughly recommend using their leave-in conditioner too as it does wonders on a daily basis as it can be used on wet or dry hair :)

Have you used this deep conditioner before? Are there any other hair masks you’d recommend? 

RebeccaJane xo

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