Glitter Tattoos

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Have you ever been to a kids fair or anywhere you can get your face painted or a glitter tattoo and not got one? Exactly! This is a little post on some sparkly temporary tattoos my sister did on a bunch of us. Enjoy!

Glitter Tattoos - Angel

Glitter Tattoos - Horseshoe

Glitter Tattoos - Football

Glitter Tattoos - Unicorn

Glitter Tattoos - Baby Ninja

Obviously I saved the best for last and mine is the mega badass Baby Ninja! It would have been better if he were a black belt but then he couldn’t be as cute so I went for purple instead. When I flex my biceps (if I had biceps) his sword moves hahaha.

These glitter tattoos were made using stick-on stencils, skin glue and super sparkly glitter pots from The Glitter Tree.

What do you think of these? Which glitter tattoo is your favourite? (Say mine)

RebeccaJane xo

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3 thoughts on “Glitter Tattoos

  1. These are all adorable! I did some glitter tattoos with my housemate ages ago and I loved them ahaha, I wish I could get a real tattoo with glitter in it!

    Kimberley xx


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