Glow by JLo Mini Collection


The best part about going on on holiday is the duty free amiright? And whenever we go on holiday, we always pick up some cute little gift items for much cheaper than their RRP so it looks like we spent good money on people’s Christmas muahahaha! Anyway, one time when my family went on holiday, mum got my sister and I both a Glow by JLo set which consists of 4 different eau de toilettes (toilet water) .

glow by jlo collection

First up.. Glow

This one comes in a lovely frosted glass-type bottle and looks so classy and womanly. You definitely feel mature with this one. It smells womanly too – a classic fresh and floral scent with undertones of vanilla and orange blossom. Very classy, very fresh. Perfect for summer!

Next.. Glow after Dark

This one has the least attractive packaging than the others in this collection as it is a kind of metallic looking cover which isn’t remotely classy. Defo sends images of drunken people staggering through the streets at 2am and chundering their kebab. It smells nice though. A little bit more ‘masculine’ I would say. Smells kind of like my boyfriend’s shower gel in a way.. Does have some fruity notes behind it. Claims to have passionfruit and cherries although my sniffer didn’t pinpoint either of those scents.

Third in the collection.. Love at first Glow

This one is for the romantic in me. It comes in an adorable transparent pink bottle and has a very subtle, in a way I’d say gentle scent. It’s very girly, but not in a childish way. It smells mature and possibly hints of rose in there? My nose detects some rose or cherry blossom. It’s a delicate scent which I think is just lovely as it’s one you need to get up close and personal to smell.. maybe that’s why it’s so gentle ;)

Last but not least.. Miami Glow

I’ve started each paragraph with ‘This one’ oops. Anyway, THIS ONE is clearly the party animal of the quartet. We’ve had the classy business woman, the drunken state, the sexy one and now we have the party animal! I hear Sean Kingston’s ‘We like to sleep all day and party all night!’ when I think of this scent. It’s a gorgeous peachy bottle with a very tropical paradise-type scent. Initial hit of coconut which reminds me of sun-lotion and being at the beach. I also detect some vanilla and more orange blossom. This may a signature in the JLo scents. Although she may go out clubbing, the girl behind this scent is definitely a wild jetsetter and I am so jealous of her.

Overall – it is very difficult to pick one favourite out of these. I would easily cross off Glow after Dark and although I love the Miami Glow, I went off strong scents in my teens when I realised how much they stink up your clothes even after washing. I can definitely see myself wearing the classic Glow and the subtle romance of Love at first Glow would make for a lovely date night scent, especially on the neck ;)

Have you tried any of these scent? What’s your favourite?

RebeccaJane xo

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