Avon Ultra Lip Bling Lipstick – Wild Ginger


I rarely buy make up from Avon – I usually stick to face masks, shower and body lotions and the odd nail polish. I was flicking through the catalogue the other week out of boredom and came across the sale brochure where I saw some beautiful lipsticks for almost half their regular price. My granny asked me to pick some that would suit her and while perusing the section, I saw Wild Ginger – a lovely shimmering coral just begging to be bought. It was on sale for £3.50 which I thought was a bargain for the colour. I’ve been looking for a nice summery coral to go with the warm weather (although now being stuck in a hospital isn’t that great a place to show it off).

Avon Ultra Bling Lipstick Wild Ginger

Avon Ultra Bling Lipstick Wild Ginger

Avon Ultra Bling Lipstick Wild Ginger Swatch

Packaging – I love this tube. It has a cute clear gem/mirror on top which, although is small, can still be used as a mirror to check for any imperfections and touch-ups.

Formula – Such a wonderful coral with sparkles which are much more subtle when on lips than on my hand. It gives a nice sheen to your natural lip colour. Glides on smoothly and doesn’t feel bumpy from the glitter either. It does take a few applications to build up the colour but I expected that anyway. It’s non-drying and lasts for a good 4-5 hours which I think is fine for a lipstick as I’m always eating.

Overall – I would recommend this lipstick for light-medium skin tones as I feel the colour would be better on these skin tones. My mum’s darker skin didn’t really go well with this. It’s a perfect shade for everyday summer and I see myself wearing this a lot on my days off :)

Have you ever bought any Avon lipsticks? What’s your all-time favourite lippy?

RebeccaJane xo

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