Battle of the Dry Shampoo: Herbal Essences Vs Batiste


I have notoriously thick hair and it gets greasy very quickly. This year I spent a long time trying to really sort out my hair and get it fabulous. This involved cutting down on the number of times I wash my hair so in-between washes I use dry shampoo and I’ve used a lot of different brands to try and find the perfect one. From Batiste to Lush, Herbal Essences to Girlz Night Out, I’ve tried them all and thought I’d compete them against each other in the hopes that you can find the perfect dry shampoo for you! Today in the arena are Herbal Essences in Ignite My Colour and Batiste in Blush.

Herbal Essences and Batiste Dry Shampoo

Packaging – both come in a spray can with a pretty pink colour.

Formula – both are powdery sprays however Herbal Essences left no residue in my hair compared to a lot of white powder that was left on my head with the Batiste. I tend to use dry shampoo at night so it has time to work and blend itself out and then I just brush through my hair in the morning and Batiste always left white residue in my hair whereas Herbal Essences wouldn’t even leave any from the moment I sprayed it on my hair.

Cost – Herbal Essences retails for £2.99 for 180ml and Batiste for £3.00 for 200ml (both at Asda) but Batiste is currently on Rollback for £2.00. Batiste is usually on offer in most stores I find and is very reasonably priced compared to other dry shampoos.

And the winner is… Herbal EssencesI just prefer the way this dry shampoo doesn’t leave my hair feeling like I’ve sprayed a tonne of product into it. Batiste just doesn’t meet it to the same expectations. I know a lot of people, including many of my friends, use Batiste and swear by it but after trying out different brands and formulas, I’ve moved on to greener pastures. I would still recommend Batiste as it probably works better on finer hair – coarse or thick hair is just going to feel thicker with this but Herbal Essences would be good on all hair types in my opinion.

Question time! What’s your go-to hair product (not necessarily dry shampoo) ?

RebeccaJane xo

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2 thoughts on “Battle of the Dry Shampoo: Herbal Essences Vs Batiste

  1. Great post :)

    I normally use Batiste dry shampoo, I’m currently using the pink one. I love how they have different types of dry shampoo depending on how you want to style your hair that day although reading what dry shampoo you prefer I think I might have to try the Herbal Essences one!

    From Megan x


    1. I think that’s what has given Batiste the edge over other dry shampoos but I have quite thick hair and batiste just makes it feel clogged up.
      It’s just finding the one that works for you ☺
      Thanks for reading and commenting Megan! X


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