Flamingo Candles – The Melt Crowd August


Hey everyone! Some of you will have already heard about Flamingo Candles and their monthly subscription wax melt box. For only £10, you get 8 different scented wax melts worth almost double AND with your first month, you also get a FREE wax burner which is of a high quality and easy to clean. I meant to join last month but I wasn’t home for most of the month so August is my first month trially The Melt Crowd so I got a free wax burner with a blue burner (blue is my favourite colour so I am overjoyed at the coincidence) and I am so excited to share my first impressions with you all!

Flamingo Candles - The Melt Crowd August 2015

Flamingo Candles - The Melt Crowd August 2015

Strawberries & Champagne – this genuinely smells like sweet strawberries and seems like a great scent for summer.

Fresh Cotton – a very fresh scent. Kinda smells like baby powder a little bit. This one is quite strong so I think I will just use half of this one at a time.

Ginger & Lime – this is one of my favourites as well as the Strawberries & Champagne one. Smells exactly like what it is. A warm citrus cocktail for a sunny day!

Green Apples – again, this smells like your classic green apple scent. Lovely fruity scent.

Kir Royale – I have no idea what this is but it smells UH-mazing. Also, it’s the only melt in this month’s box with glitter on it. Glitter = serious business. It has a kind of savoury scent to it.

Pomegranate & Cider – this one is perfect for summer! Smells fizzy like cider and fruity. This is one for burning on a warm evening with a drink in hand.

CIRCUS – Doughnuts – I hate doughnuts but this one smells exactly like doughnuts. I’m amazed at how well these melts smell exactly like their name. I don’t think I’ll be melting this one because I don’t like doughnuts but it does smell exactly like warm sugary balls of dough.

Dahlia – this is so strong and lovely. I will also probably only use half the melt at a time as it is quite strong but very floral and possibly a great scent for autumn.

So there we have it. The August edition of The Melt Crowd subscription box. 8 delightfully scented melts that perfectly match their namesake and release a glorious perfume for up to 30 hours. You can melt the whole thing for a seriously strong burst of fragrance or you can half the melts for a more subtle scent.

You can join The Melt Crowd for only £10 a month and get a free wax burner with your first month! You’re also guaranteed not to receive a repeat melt until after your third month.

I really recommend this melt box if you’re also a candle lover and like variety on a budget. All you need to buy separately are unscented tealights which you can buy for pennies from many shops and then you’re all set to enjoy these wonderful scents!

What do you think of these melts? Would you consider joining The Melt Crowd?

RebeccaJane xo

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