Grad Ball 2015 Part One: Outfits


Grad Ball 2015

On Friday it was the annual RGU Nurses and Midwives Graduation Ball and we went full force outfit, hair and make up, drinks, the full shabang! The girls were in beautiful gowns and looked like princesses and the boys looked rather dapper in their kilts. It was such a great night with amazing people and a fab atmosphere.

This is a part 1 edition where I will show off everyone’s gorgeous dresses and the general atmosphere of the night. On Friday I will post about the meal and the hotel (although I never took any photos of the hotel room, my description should be enough). Today is just to show off how beautiful my friends are :D

I hope you enjoy this post and check back on Friday to read my review of the food and hotel!

Grad Ball 2015

Obviously I’m going to start with myself and Steven. Steven wore a lovely navy kilt with a saltire on the back (it was classy though) and I think he may have been the only guy there with a beard. This was the first time I had introduced Steven to all my friends. He’s met a couple of them before but this was the first time I got to really show him off ;)
I was wearing a blue saree my grandparents brought me back from Trinidad last year. There’s never really many occasions in my life where I could wear a saree and not look a bit of an outcast but I thought the ball was a perfect opportunity to wear one as it saved me spending a fortune on a ball gown when I already had this beaut sitting in my wardrobe. It was an absolute nightmare trying to keep the pallu in place though as my safety pins weren’t holding out on the dance floor with my crazy mad skillz.

Grad Ball 2015

(L-R) Amy, Nicole, Hannah, Rachel, Christina, Vicki, Sarah, Eilisha, Emma and Lecturers Fiona and Liz.

This is a semi-full class photo. I joined in for a few but wanted t take my own as well. This is just half of them as this has all my friends in it. I mean seriously, how beautiful are they??

Grad Ball 2015

(L-R) Amy, Emma and Sarah

I thought I would share where the girls’ dresses are from in case anyone is wondering.

Amy’s navy dress is from Lipsy.
Emma’s blue dress is from House of Fraser.
Sarah’s sparkly dress is from Little Mistress.

Grad Ball 2015

Myself and Eilisha

Eilisha’s dress is from

Grad Ball 2015

Christina and Vicki

Christina’s gorgeous pale pink dress is from Quiz.
Vicki’s equally beautiful teal dress if from Little Mistress.

Grad Ball 2015

Amy and Greg

Amy and Greg were such a stunning couple at the ball. They were really kind and picked Steven and I up and we drove up together so Steven and Greg could meet. They were the only males at a table with 8 women so we were praying they got on and boy did they, just look how cute they are together in their kilts hehe.

Grad Ball 2015

Grad Ball 2015

We got a bucket full of props which I stole to put in my scrapbook but first, we took a lot of photos! I wish they had a proper photobooth because I would have hijacked that mofo fo sho.

Grad Ball 2015

Grad Ball 2015

Grad Ball 2015

Grad Ball 2015

In short, we all had an amazing time and I have so many memories to add to my scrapbook. The ball was the last time we’ll all be together until graduation. I honestly think everyone looked fantastic and I enjoyed myself so much. These women will make wonderful midwives. I love you guys!

Until Graduation ladies.

RebeccaJane xo

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