Grad Ball 2015 Part Two: Hilton Hotel

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Grad Ball 2015

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The ball was hosted in the Hilton Treetops in Aberdeen and oh boy, did the prices shoot up when they knew we were booking for the event. When we were first told about the location, prices were round about £40-60 per night for a double room. After everyone started booking and they realised it was for the ball or the wedding which was on the same night, it shot up to £120. For that price, I was expecting something pretty fancy but alas, we arrived and my first impression was ‘is this a converted retirement home?’ and I’m pretty sure it was. Nothing wrong with that though.

We checked in and the staff were lovely and welcoming and directed us to our room, however the signs were quite small so I relied on Steven navigating our way through various stairs and corridors until we eventually found our room. I swear down, the corridor where our room was, reminded me so much of that scene in the Titanic when the water comes flooding through the hall? Anyway, we get to our room and we’re a bit disappointed. Yes we have a lovely double bed and a sofa, dressing table and armchair, but the bathroom was ridiculous. It was a rather pathetic attempt at being a wet room. Nothing to contain the water from the shower (not even a slope in the flooring like you’d expect) so after we’ve been in the shower we had to mop up the floor because the whole bathroom was soaked. We also had a plastic green lawn chair in there too (definitely a retirement home) and about 3 different alarm cords. I did enjoy the mini toiletries though and the towels were huge!

Anyway, let’s get to the food! I don’t know if they hired a caterer for the event or not, but the dinner was terrible. And I’m not the only person who thought that either. The starter was a bland tomato and basil soup. Not even salt and pepper was helping that. I honestly would have been happier with Heinz.

The main was a chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with something.

Grad Ball Main Meal

The chicken was so salty, like I hadn’t even touched the bacon yet and my mouth was all dry from all the salt in the tiny bit of chicken I ate. I thought the courgette was cucumber because it was so crunchy and I’m still confused as to whether those triangles were potatoes or pastry because I couldn’t stomach it at all. I only had a few bites of this and then left it because I was feeling so sick. Others at the table managed to eat a bit more because they were so hungry by that point but I just went back to the candy bar and got a slushie instead.

Dessert was the best out of the meal. Sticky toffee pudding.

Grad Ball Sticky Toffee

I’m not a fan of sticky toffee pudding but it’s Steven’s favourite so I had a couple bites and then gave it to him, but it was tasty. You could definitely tell it had been reheated a few times by the texture of the sponge but it actually had flavour and I think most people agreed this was the best dish.

We also got one jug of water per table. A table full of 10 people and we only got one jug of water for the whole night. I had to keep waiting at the bar for ever to get a glass of water because it was so hot and the music, lights and dancing was making us all roasty toasty. I know there was a lot of people to cater for, but I feel they could have had more jugs/kept them topped up since we paid a fair amount for the night. Steven and I went back to the room and ate some crisps and sweets in bed because we were still hungry.

The next morning, we had breakfast and it was great! I do think they hired a caterer for the evening meal because the breakfast was good. A proper breakfast. The staff were always lovely at the hotel and I know it’s not their fault. I’m pretty convinced it was a different company who are to blame for the bad food but for me, I will associate it with my stay at that hotel and I don’t think I’ll return. I would stay at different HIlton hotels if I checked out the reviews and saw some photos of the rooms etc so I know what I’m getting in to.

Overall I just wasn’t impressed with my stay. I had a great evening but the overall stay wasn’t to my liking, especially for £120. I could have stayed in the Travel Lodge for a few nights for that price and had an actual shower space.

RebeccaJane xo

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