Prairie Charms Pizzazz Box


Prairie Charms ( created a new subscription box called the Pizzazz and it comes in a pizza-style box which is a fab touch. It’s filled with bespoke items and this box has the theme Luau Party! All of the contents of the box are centred around the theme and are personalised so every recipient has something similar, but with a special touch!

Let’s see what was in my box!

Prairie Pizzazz Box

Prairie Pizzazz Box

As you can see, the box was filled with goodies, so it was tough choosing where to start but Bandit quickly picked out some interesting items.

First up, everyone got a gorgeous bespoke floral lei which is huge and you can feel the weight of it. It’s sturdy though but it is a bit too big for me to wear. It’s a lovely decorative piece though.

We also received pink nail glitter and a big bag of confetti which is a very lovely touch and a cute gold-sprayed sea shell hair clip.

Prairie Pizzaz Box

My absolute favourite item was the flamingo bow tie scrunchie. The fabric is just adorable and I think it would look great in a bun. I also received this hair bow clip as an extra because it took so long to receive my box. The customer service is brilliant with Prairie Charms as they were very kind and understandable to my situation and managed to cancel the first box which was taking forever to be delivered by Royal Mail and sent a new box to my new address! I also love the fabric on this bow clip too. It looks lovely added to a braid or bun also.

Prairie Pizzaz Box

Next, there were some foodie items and going along with the Luau Party theme, we recieved Kool-Aid Tropical with some cute bamboo straws and a flamingo stirrer. I never received the stirrer in my pack but I understand that they had to scramble to make me a new box after the first one wasn’t delivered. We also got a S’MORE MAKING KIT! It has a Hershey’s mini chocolate bar, marshmallow puffs and Graham crackers to make your very own s’mores! This is perfect for halloween/bonfire night when it’s cooler and you get a mini fire going in your garden with some blankets and hot cocoa!

Prairie Pizzaz Box

Another favourite of mine are the hair ties. These are elastic hair ties, although the first time I saw these, I thought I would never be able to tie these in my hair because they would just snap but noooo, they do actually hold my hair.

Not pictured: A gorgeous ankle bracelet which has 3 small red balls on it which to me, look a bit like cranberries. Ideal for Christmas time I think, but I love it and put it on straight away (hence the lack of photo, no one wants to see my Shrek feet).

You can go online to and order individual items if you don’t want to order a big box.

What do you think of the Pizzazz Luau box? What’s your favourite item?

RebeccaJane xo

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