Garnier Micellar Water


Hola chicas! Today I am reviewing the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which has been all over the internet for months now. I saw this cute ‘mini format’ 125ml size on offer in Savers for £1 so decided to snap it up and try it out for myself!

Garnier Micellar Water

Garnier Micellar Water

Right off the bat I thought this product was going to do wonders as it says it removes make up on face, eyes and lips. So I know I wear liquid eyeliner pretty much every time I wear make up but it’s never a problem for my other make up remover (Asda Skin System Eye Make Up Remover) however, on my first use with this and a cotton pad, I found myself very liberally applying the water and scrubbing my eyes. No waterproof, just normal mascara. Even my eyeshadow needed a firm wipe. I ended up using about 12 large cotton pads to remove my full face which isn’t much make up when compared to Instagram MOTD photos. I also didn’t feel like my skin was clean afterwards. It looked clean, but when I went to the bathroom and washed my face, I could see the water coloured with my make up so I knew it hadn’t been removed adequately.

HOWEVER, I then decided that I wouldn’t use this to remove my make up and just stick to my usual cream which I personally just find easier and more gentle on my skin. I switched it up and used the Garnier Micellar Water as more of a cleanser/toner for after my make up has been removed. It does make me skin feel very soft afterwards, sometimes I didn’t even need to apply moisturiser because my skin felt so hydrated. Before, I wasn’t able to tell if it was making a difference to my skin because I was having to wash my face so thoroughly after using it, but it does make my skin look more smooth and even which it states it does.

Overall, I wasn’t very impressed with this as a make up remover but I do really like it as a cleanser for after my make up have been removed. It’s a quick step to hydrating your skin in the evening, especially if you’ve had a long day, but I think I’ll be sticking to my usual make up remover.

What are your thoughts on the Garnier micellar cleansing water?

RebeccaJane xo

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2 thoughts on “Garnier Micellar Water

  1. I didn’t love this product either! It actually caused my eyes to have a weird reaction so I stopped using it. I haven’t yet found a micellar water that I love! Great review though, really useful!

    Jessica Grace


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