Recently Purchased: Anti Journal


Anti Journal

Anti Journal

Whilst browsing my next book haul on Amazon, I stumbled upon this creative beauty and knew I just absolutely must own it. I’m not a very creative person and as soon as it arrived I knew my sister would relish this kind of break-the-rules artistry. So I ordered her one as well! I searched the hashtag #antijournal on Twitter and Instagram to see what others have done (I know that defeats the point of using my own imagination) and I was amazed at all the weird and wonderful perspectives people had taken. I clearly lack creativity because every page I was struggling to come up with ideas but I spent a good while just flicking through the pages and brainstorming ideas and I think I’ve got some pretty outside-the-box ideas floating around.

I’ve decided to set a goal of completing one page every week so I will spend that week thinking of cool stuff to interpret or writing down something interesting. I hope this sparks some sort of hidden talent in me that my family seem to be abundant in but I lack myself. If not, then I’m sure it’s still going to be enjoyable doing random things!

I’m really excited to start completing this book and I think it’s a great way to get creative if, like me, you’re not very arty but also for people who are already very creative because each page gives you some sort of instruction but not enough to be a recipe. You’re free to interpret it any way you choose and after looking at lots of different peoples’ interpretations, there seems to be endless possibilities!

What do you think of the Anti Journal? Is it something you’d consider for yourself or someone else?

RebeccaJane xo

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2 thoughts on “Recently Purchased: Anti Journal

    1. Yes I saw them too but this was on offer on Amazon so I thought I’d test out my creativity. I would defo buy those others though because I think they’re great! Thanks for having a read Meghan! X


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