The Body Shop Shea Body Butter


The weather is changing and so are our skin care needs. As the days are getting shorter and the sun jetting off for its holidays down south, my skin is in dire need of some TLC. It’s slowly becoming more and more dry with the harsh chills of being outside and I have been forced to switch up my daily skin care products to adapt to this outrageous change.

For a smooth transition from light everyday moisturiser to thick/intensive cream, I use The Body Shop’s Shea Body Butter. I find that although it states it’s for ‘very dry skin’, it does a great job at keeping my skin nourished, plus shea butter just makes me feel so lovely and its scent is perfect for autumn/winter.

shea body butter

shea body butter

My legs are the driest part of my body, especially because I rarely shave them and so I only tend to moisturise them when they are silky smooth. I know that’s bad but I haaaate shaving my legs.

Anyway, everyone’s heard of The Body Shop’s body butters but the Shea body butter is legit. I actually bought this for my mum because I assumed that all mothers enjoy the mature fragrance of shea and/or cocoa butter. I was wrong. I came home to find it untouched, not even a finger poke to try it. Thanks mum, thanks a lot.

I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks and although the weather has actually been quite hot during the day, in the early mornings and evenings when I’m out with Bandit, it is Titanic cold and this shea butter softens and warms up nicely in the palms of my hands and makes for a smooth application perfect for a treat yo’self pampering.

I’ve noticed this butter to work extremely well on specific dry areas, such as my elbows and knees where I often to overlook during my regular moisturising. It feels thick as any intensive cream would and takes a while to absorb which I don’t particularly think is a bad thing because you want that extra protection when it’s cold out.

I recommend using this if, like me, you have some dry areas which need to be quickly smoothed before the cold air makes them worse. If you feel like you don’t need this product because your skin is so perfectly amazing already then get out. I don’t need that kind of positivity in my life.

What are your go-to skin care products for the cooler months?

RebeccaJane xo

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Note: I use all skincare products for a minimum of 28 days before writing a review.

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