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I am a member of the four-eyed freak club. Have been for about four or five years now and I pride myself on my stylish eyewear. My first glasses were a gorgeous Red or Dead pair in a beautiful bright red with a multi-coloured detail on the legs. My granny actually picked them for me and they quickly became my signature style. I love them for that reason, but the frames were a bit small for me on placement so at my next check up, I got my red ones re-lensed and I also got myself a more ‘sophisticated’ Missoni pair which were more practical for placement.

About a month ago,

Specspost asked for a bunch of glasses-wearing bloggers to review some of their glasses. Specspost have a huge range of both glasses and sunglasses and have a few designer brands to choose from also. The best part, is that you can customise your lenses with any extra care you may need such as anti-glare and tints. Their website also gives you the specifications of the frames so if you’re like me and prefer a larger frame, you can choose glasses that are better suited to your taste.

I got to choose 3 pairs of glasses to try out and review and I also get to keep a pair too so I definitely need your help as I am STILL undecided. The three pairs I chose are all under £35 and are very stylish even though they are not designer. I was really impressed with the variety of glasses on offer that it took me a good while to decide which ones I wanted to try out.

Specspost Free Trial

“Elizabeth Diana” Purple Leopard Print £26.99*

“Twiggy” Vogue Inspired £27.99*

“Purday” Tortoiseshell Cats Eye £29.99*

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen my many poser photos wearing these beauts (Warning: I have many more). Apart from all the adorable and amusing nicknames, I found these glasses to be really good quality for their price. Although I couldn’t wear them for long obviously because I needed to see, but the lens sizes were perfect for me. I have to admit, I am in love with the tortoiseshell glasses but I feel like they would maybe be better as sunglasses? I think my favourite is the Twiggy ones. I love the purple of the leopard print glasses but I just don’t think they’re very ‘me’. I am very tempted to keep the Twiggy ones and order the Tortoiseshell ones as sunglasses for next summer. Thoughts?

You can get a home trial of their glasses from as little as £30 (which is the average cost of one pair) and you get a fully refundable deposit so it’s a win-win really. I doubt you’d be disappointed if you had a scroll through their range! Visit Specspost.co.uk

Which is your favourite? And which do you think I should keep?

RebeccaJane xo

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Disclaimer: Specspost sent me these items for the purpose of a review. No money/cash was exchanged. All opinions are my own and I only post/review products I would genuinely purchase myself. Read my disclaimer here

Specspost Free Trial


2 thoughts on “Specspost Free Trial*

    1. I know right? If it weren’t for student discounts, I’d probably be wearing those 80s classics haha. Thank you! I’m really loving the Twiggy ones too!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment Charlotte :) xo


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