I Love… Miniature Bubble Bath and Shower Creme Collection


So to kick off all the Christmas gift ideas I have planned, here’s the I Love… lots of bubbles miniature bubble bath & shower crème collection which I picked up in Superdrug for only £4! That’s less than 67p per 100ml bottle and these are soo cute!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for a DIY Christmas Pamper Box which will include one of these lovely bottles.

I Love... Miniature Bubble Bath & Shower Creme Collection

See my festive wrapping paper? As I said, I picked this up in Superdrug for £4 which makes it ideal to split in to separate mini bath sets for secret santa or a pamper box for friends/family. There are 6 very festive scents in this set.

I Love... Miniature Bubble Bath & Shower Creme Collection

Iced Cookie – A frosty opalescent crème which to me, smells like freshly baked bread/pastry.

Spiced Cinnamon – A bright orange shade with a very spicy feel to it. I smell nutmeg/cinnamon and this reminds me of spiced apple pie and all those spiced cinnamon scented candles you always get nearer Christmas.

Cherry Almond Sparkle – Custard-yellow in colour, Cherry Almond Sparkle smells quite strongly of cherries with an afterhit of toasted almonds. Not sure what sparkles smells like though..  This has a lovely autumn smell.

I Love... Miniature Bubble Bath & Shower Creme Collection

Chocolates & Oranges – Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a Christmas stocking tradition and this crème smells exactly like that. Initial hit of fresh oranges followed by a rich chocolatey-sweet scent which makes me wonder if real chocolate was used in the making of this product?? However, the colour of this product does absolutely nothing for me. A brownish green colour which resembles baby poop. #sorrynotsorry

Sugared Cranberries – By far my favourite scent of all. This is perfect. It smells like cranberry juice mixed with raspberries and strawberries. Sweet and fruity and overall, just my favourite kind of scent and I would happily buy a massive bottle of this as it is just perfect. And the bright red is beautiful!

Mixed Berries – A gorgeous opalescent blue colour, I expected this to smell like blueberries and raspberries but I was a bit disappointed. This one smells like bubblegum. I don’t detect any berry notes at all (compared to Sugared Cranberries which is packed full of berries – rich in antioxidants I might add). It’s a pleassant enough scent if you like bubblegum but I don’t. I was a bit disappointed with this one because so far, every bottle smelled like it’s namesake, but I will probably leave this one in the bathroom for a free for all.

Overall, the I Love… Miniature Christmas Collection is a fab and very affordable bubble bath and shower crème set which is perfect for everyone. I highly recommend splitting these and giving one or two to different people rather than the full set (unless you know someone who smells pretty bad). I am in love with Sugared Cranberries and Spiced Cinnamon which are my two absolute favourites. My least favourite was the Mixed Berries simply because I do not like bubblegum scents but everyone has their own tastes.

What do you think of this set? Would you buy it?

RebeccaJane xo

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