Exercise for Busy People


Busy, lazy, what’s the difference?


Incase you didn’t know, which you should because I make it blatantly obvious, I’m very lazy. I dislike any form of exercise which includes breathing and sometimes I even forget to do that properly and end up gasping for air. Anyway, I decided to write this post which is on some “easy” ways to incorporate exercise into your current lifestyle, without going to the gym or setting specific time aside to do so. Obviously I’m not a fitness expert (unless it’s fitn’ess whole burger in my mouth amirite?) but going to the gym and getting yourself in to a good and regular exercise routine is better for you than sporadic exercise. If you don’t have the time or already have a hectic lifestyle then these few ways might help you get some extra exercise.

Waiting on the kettle to boil? SQUAT! See how many squats you can do while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. This can go two ways: 1. making a cup for yourself is a doddle because you have less time or 2. if you’ve got the whole neighbourhood over, you are gonna feel the buuuurn. Either way, squats are great for the tooshie and it’s kinda fun racing the kettle to a personal goal.

Take the stairs. This is the most common one I hear people saying in these kind of posts. If you are in a situation where you can take the stairs, then do so. At uni, we were usually on the 5th or 6th floor with the canteen being on the 1st so I would need to decide whether I really needed that breakfast roll or not. A good way to add stairs is to take the lift to a couple of floors below yours and walk the last few. Definitely try to take at least two 2 floors and then gradually increase it. You will huff and puff and people will look at you like you’re totally out of shape but hey, everyone starts out like the big bad wolf, just roll with it.

Have a dog? WALK. Dog walking or taking any sort of walkable pet outside is a great way to add more exercise to your life. Quite often when I’m out with Bandit, I just see people taking their dog to the park and letting them run free while they’re stood in the same place throwing a ball and not doing much. Don’t be like them. Actually take your pet for a full walk and if you can, try and do it more than once a day. Bandit and I walked 3 miles every morning and every evening when I was dogsitting. You can still do the whole fetch and play thing, but make sure you physically walk with your dog, and don’t go slow. Go at their pace as you’ll find that pets (Bandit anyway), tend to walk quite fast so keep up with them rather than slowing them down.

TV on an ad break? Get moving! Similar to the kettle thing. Do a different exercise for each ad break. You can jog on the spot, do jumping jacks or star jumps, maybe get squatting again. It’s up to you but there are so many different yet easy exercises to do and I personally think this one is great for families as it gets you used to exercise regularly and can be quite fun competing with other people. There are so many “TV exercises” on Pinterest that you can’t go wrong with this.

What are your go-to tips for adding exercise to a busy/lazy lifestyle? 

RebeccaJane xo

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