Prairie Pizzazz Enchanted Edition


For the last 3 weeks I have been staying at my sisters so I’ve been out of touch with my mail but when I came home, I was so excited to see another Prairie Charms Pizzazz box waiting for me. This box is the Enchanted edition and it is filled with so many wonderful pieces, I don’t know where to start.  If you read my review of their Luau Party Pizzazz box, then you’ll know what I mean. This post is going to be very photo-heavy and I apologise not.

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Enchanted Edition

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Enchanted Edition

As always, Prairie Charms put so much effort into their packaging and the box had a lovely ‘Enchanted’ themed sticker. They put so much effort in to the little details and this time, their confetti was so well planned, with little mushrooms and fairies and stars (not pictured because Bandit quickly stole them from my neat presentation).

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Enchanted Edition

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Enchanted Edition

Seraphina Velvet Knot Wrap – I received the teal/blue crushed velvet knot wrap and this is one of my favourite pieces. My favourite colour and it’s so soft and makes me looks totes adorbs. It’s perfect for holding your hair back while washing your face or having a cosy pamper night in.

Luna Leatherette Hair Bow – Isn’t this just beautiful?? I doubt it’s made from a real Dragon but it looks so real! I love the opalescent colouring as it glistens in the light and instantly makes my hair looks a bajillion times cuter.

Pandora Evil Eye Bracelet – I wasn’t as excited about this item, not because it isn’t lovely because it is, but just because I already have so many evil eye bracelets/chains/etc from various holidays that it just doesn’t really interest me much. This is still a very nice addition and looks very subtle on.

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Enchanted Edition

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Enchanted Edition

Rosalie Quote Card – This is just such a sweet touch and I can’t wait to frame this and have it sitting on my dresser for a touch of encouragement.

Solace Midi Ring – I was a little on edge when i first heard about this ring as it’s just a chain, like a super tiny bracelet for your fingers.

Hermione Wand Necklace – The amazing team at Prairie Charms are always going above and beyond to make their customers feel special and so they swapped the Wand Necklace for this beautiful deep pink ‘potion bottle’ drop necklace. I looked online at the wand necklace and this is so much more like me than the wand. I love how sweet the team are to think of the little things!

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Enchanted Edition

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Enchanted Edition

Merida Candy Skull Wax Melts – These melts are better suited to a Halloween theme but they are gorgeous nonetheless. They have a shimmer of gold through them so when melted, they sparkle and look like melted gold. They have a beautiful winter scent which reminds me of Christmas.

Hazel Custom Knot Tie Pack – I absolutely love these hair ties. They do a good job of holding my thick hair up as well as looking cute. I adore the reindeer pattern as it’s perfect for a Christmas up-do.

Not Pictured – We all got a Sweet Hostess Sugar Swizzle Stick which was basically just crystallised sugar on a wooden stick but it was so nice added to my fruit tea for a sweet kick. We also got a gorgeous sparkly pink Anya Butterfly Head Band Duo which is a head band and a detachable butterfly clip so you can wear the clip whenever! It’s very cute and makes me feel like a little girl again!

What do you think of the Enchanted edition of the Prairie Pizzazz? As you can tell, I’m basically in love. Visit to check out their amazing range of bespoke items.

RebeccaJane xo

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