On Tuesday I graduated with a bachelors degree in Midwifery. I am now a university graduate. How weird is that? Anyway, here’s a few photos of me (because the day was all about me obvsiously and not my dad who’s birthday it was muahaha).

My Graduation

The professional photos cost waaaaay too much. They were wanting £40 for ONE photo without a frame… So I made the executive decision to not bother and my friend Vicki and I took some nice photos against the building with the stone wall background instead. I think they turned out quite nice if i do say so myself!

My Graduation

This is me and my mumma. She was feeling pretty proud having raised two daughters to go on and graduate. My sister was the first person in our family to graduate from university (we’re kind of a big deal lol).

My Graduation

This is my dad who’s birthday was the same day. I’m sure he didn’t mind spending his birthday with his ex-wife when he got to see his youngest take the stage. As he put it ‘I have a birthday every year’ so it was worth it!

My Graduation

Steven/Esteban. He bought new shoes and a waistcoat to look good for me (AWWWW) and I think he looked very handsome! I was so happy to get the extra ticket so he could come.

My Graduation

These are two of my uni friends, Eilisha and Vicki. I wasn’t able to get many photos with my other friends because we all got lost in the crowd, but they all looked beautiful and I am so overwhelming proud of us all for accomplishing our dreams.

So yeah, I am now a graduate at Robert Gordon University.


RebeccaJane xo

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