DIY Personalised Mugs


Still looking for gifts for loved ones this Christmas? Or thinking of ideas of cute but cheap presents? Look no further as I’ve got you covered with these incredibly easy personalised mugs they’ll keep forever (and can’t re-gift because you made it HAH).

DIY Personalised Mugs

DIY Personalised Mugs

DIY Personalised Mugs

I made these mugs for Steven’s mum and gran this Christmas. His mum is a coffee addict so I thought this was a fitting choice for her and his gran always offers me a cuppa so I hope she drinks tea haha.

I purchased some cheap ceramic mugs from Wilko for £2 and then my sister had these porcelain pens from Baker Ross, speccially designed for this. We wrote out the message and started over a million times until I was sorta happy with my design (they’ll never be perfect but I guess that’s why they’re special) and then we let them rest overnight before putting in a cold oven (don’t preheat it) at 160ºc for 90 minutes.

These are perfect for last minute gift ideas as they take no time at all and you can use any colour or design you like. I chose the simple writing design as I’m a terrible artist and got stressed out writing the TEA and COFFEE (which I’m still not happy about but whatevs) but it was fun making them and I’m pretty confident Steven’s mum and gran will like them.

What do you think of these personalised mugs? What design would you create? 

RebeccaJane xo

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