OOTD // Spring Florals


Have you seen my first ever outfit post? Well go check out my embarrassing Primark lounge wear post.

This was my first attempt at taking photos by myself with the self-timer on the tripod so please be kind and keep your laughter to yourself.

Pocahontasjane OOTD Floral Mondays

PocahontasJane OOTD Floral Mondays

‘Scuse ma bewbs

Floral Blouse – George at Asda 

Blue Jeans – Primark

Nude Clutch – New Look 

Fabulous Hair – All Mine Babyyy *wink wink*

Personally, I think this blouse is simply gorgeous. I spotted it in Asda back in November for £14 which is an absolute bargain. I regret not buying more than one because blouses never look good on me and never fit right but this is a size 14 and fits me perfectly (I’m usually a 16 and I’ve definitely gained weight). It’s not the stretchiest fabric but it’s super soft and the mini gold buttons are a lovely touch. I’m trying my best not to over-wear this because it’s so beautiful. Just look at that pattern *heart eye emoji*

These blue jeans I bought in Primark when they were on sale (lol, everything in there is a sale) for something ridiculous like £3 but they fit well. I don’t really wear jeans because I prefer high-waisted ones and my favourite pair are from New Look but I haven’t seen them in stock for a while *tear rolls down cheek* so I’ve been wearing pyjamas leggings a lot.

This nude clutch was an impulse buy for a night out to match the also impulse buy nude heels for same night out. My dress was blue and I didn’t have any coordinating accessories so you understand right? RIGHT?! It’s got a long thin chain if that’s your style but I just keep it tucked in and carry it like exhibit A/B. It holds the necessities like phone, small purse, compact mirror, lippy etc and has a small pocket but no zip or magnet clip to keep it sealed. In other words, if you’re planning on getting absolutely mortal, don’t take this clutch with you.

Please comment below with one or both of these compliments: 1. OMG Becky, your hair is so swish I’m peanut butter and JEALOUS. Or 2. OMG Becky, that top makes you look so slim and business-casual, keep rockin’.

Thank you and Goodbye *salutes*

RebeccaJane xo

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5 thoughts on “OOTD // Spring Florals

  1. I looooove that top! I basically have a love-hate relationship with buttondowns. As in, I love how they look on other people, but they hate staying closed so my boobs try to make a bid for freedom. I’ve also been living in leggings, because it’s too cold to wear a skirt and I refuse to concede that I require trousers.

    I would be more of a slob but it embarrasses my dog to be see with me xxx


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