Monthly Favourites: January 2016

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Why was I about to type ‘2015’ there? Jeez, it’s been a month yo. Anyhoooo, I’ve decided to write up a monthly favourites of all the best moments, products, people and blogs for me throughout the month and this is the first instalment! I hope it encourages me to find some happiness in the little things and keep myself grounded. So please join me in looking back over the past month with fond memories :)

January Favourites


Happy New Year: 2016 Goals

5 Things I Learned When I Got A New Laptop

How NOT To Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Superdrug Skincare Haul

Rimmel London Lipstick – Heather Shimmer

OOTD // Spring Florals


Going in the hot tub with Steven – Mum got a Lay-Z Spa for Christmas and on New Years Day, Steven and I went and chilled in it for a bit. I discovered how short I really am because he had to put his feet under my bum to keep my head out of the bubbles and it was so cold when we got out that we had to take our swimming gear off and wrap in a towel to go back in the house (Steven held up my towel while I shivered trying to get warm by the heater haha).

Getting a new laptop – Okay so I technically got my new laptop on December 29th but I never got to use it properly until this month and I’m so happy with it. It makes everything so much easier – blogging, emails, netflix.

Pies! Granny and Papa went to two different bakeries (they’re across the road from each other but still) and bought my favourite pie from each. A meat and potato pie and a macaroni pie :) :) It made me so happy and I thoroughly enjoyed devouring those oh-so-delicious pies.


Simple Eye Roll-on // Soothing Eye Balm – These have been a lovely addition to my skincare routine. It’s only been two weeks and I’m already noticing a difference in my under eye area, I’m genuinely gobsmacked!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula body lotion – I bought this because it was £2 and to be honest, the adverts made me think it would be alright. And it is. It’s got a light and fresh fragrance but has a creamy consistency (for normal to dry skin) and it’s kept my skin hydrated while out in the freezing cold.


Bandit is not a human but he has been my favourite this month. It’s been an emotional month (for various reasons) but every time I’ve sat in the bathroom and cried, Bandit has come to cheer me up.

January Favourites


I feel it’s really important to spread the love in the blogging community and although I tweet posts I enjoy, I’m going to put my top posts from the month here, so please have a read through them and share the love!

Robowecop – 12 Reasons January Is The Worst Month Ever // 28 Things To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day (I couldn’t pick, it’s not favouritism I swear!)

Becky Bedbug – Lessons Learned In 4 Years Of Blogging

Vix Meldrew – 10 Things I’ve Done Whilst Drunk

Underland to Wonderland – My Life In Photos – Christmas

Petals of Perfection – 10 Reasons Why Having A Sister Is The Best Thing

Essential Twenty – Getting Fit In 2016

Cattitude & Co – Why You Should Love Your Body

Blogging Through The Mirror – 10 Drunken Moments

Le Beau Fleur – Online Dating: What Has It Taught Me?

Tell me what your favourite things were this month in the comments.

RebeccaJane xo

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