DIY Valentine Gift Ideas


Valentine’s Day is THIS Sunday and instead of buying generic ‘I love you’ teddy bears or a dozen red roses, how about making a beautiful gift your loved one will cherish forever? No, this isn’t an infomercial, this is real life. lol, infomercial. ADVERTS PEOPLE, ADVERTS!!

Valentine Gift Ideas

Map Art – Special Place

  1. Buy a frame
  2. Buy an atlas (or take your dad’s from the boot of the car he still has ‘just in case’ Google maps is down)
  3. Cut out significant place (where you met, got engaged, married etc)
  4. Place photo in frame or glue to a card background and place inside frame.
  5. Optional – you could draw a small love heart around the specific town or place to draw your partner’s eye to the special place :)

Love Coupons

  1. Buy quality paper and small envelopes to fit the coupons.
  2. Write out your different coupons (hug, weekend trip, takeaway, control of the TV or something more intimate)
  3. Add extra details to make them more special.
  4. Optional – put a love heart outline on each coupon which can be coloured in after it has been used. You can have more hearts on a coupon to represent more than one use, eg 3 hearts for a hug, 1 takeaway etc.

Love Letter/Poem

You don’t have to be an award-winning author to write a love letter. It’s very personal and there’s no right or wrong way to write one. Just write about your feelings and keep it positive.

My only advice for this one is to make sure you buy good quality paper and a good pen. Practice on some basic notepad paper first and then carefully write it on the good stuff.
For an added touch, you could create you own wax stamp for an envelope using candle wax and a toothpick to draw a love heart, write initials etc or you could roll it up and tie it with a ribbon.

If you can’t think of anything to write, a good call is to read a few poems for inspiration or recite your favourite. You could also just copy a famous movie or list all the things you love about them.


This one let’s you go crazy with gifts! Fill a hamper (or a bag or any decorated container) with your partner’s favourite things or little gifts for them. You don’t need to splash the cash either: you could just fill it with the other gift ideas listed here.

What do you think of these gift ideas? Let me know what your plans for Valentines Day are in the comments :)

RebeccaJane xo

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6 thoughts on “DIY Valentine Gift Ideas

      1. Ooh good idea! My friend has an anniversary coming up so I’ll show her this. I have nothing coming so it may have to be a ‘Hi I love you and wanted to make something’ gift :) X


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