Blogger Beauty Box – February


This month’s #BBloggerBox is possibly one my favourites by far. This is my fourth box and I keep getting more and more impressed with these – £10 for 5 products, most of which are full size too may I add??

BBloggerBox February

BBloggerBox February

The first product that jumped out at me was the Puriskin Lip Treat Lipstick which seems more of a lip tint as it takes good few swipes to build up any colour on my skin, but it is a nourishing balm/tint that adds just the right amount of colour to your lips. Perfect for the winter chill that drains the colour from your face for that subtle Snow White look. What I like about this lip treat, is that you can customise your lip care needs on their website, so you can choose to have sunscreen protection, citrus or vanilla scent or a silk texture. *thumbs up emoji*

The JR Naturorganics Mandarin & Chamomile hydrating mist and cleansing milk samples were an interesting addition. I expected a big whaft of citrus followed by a sweet floral scent but to my surprise (although the leaflet accompanying the box explains it all), these contain lavender oil – the scent that makes me physically vomit. SO as soon as I took a whiff of the mist and gagged slightly, I just put these to the side. My mum has been making good use of them and says the scent is barely recognisable after application if scent is an issue for you.

My natural eyelashes are very straight and forward/downward facing and it doesn’t make a difference what mascara or curlers I use, they just love poking straight out of my face like a dart. So I love my false lashes – from the barely noticeable to outrageous glam, I do enjoy a good pair of lashes. Recently, I’ve been using the Revlon Beyond Natural lashes which add a lovely length and last well over 12 hours without a touch up. I’m excited to try the Threads Emiloo lashes for a dinner with Steven or a special occasion where I want thicker lashes for a more dramatic feel.

BBloggerBox February

BBloggerBox February

The next product that caught my eye was the Merumaya Bi-Phase Plus Eye Make-up Remover and for someone who focusses on their eyes with make-up (waterproof eyeliner and mascaras, the odd falsies), removing eye make-up gently is something I am always on the look out for. This eye make up remover will make a lovely addition to my evening routine. It feels great on my skin, non-greasy and hydrating.

I’ve never really used fake tan before, partly because I’ve never the need for it, but also because I have no bloody clue what I’m doing. Kudos to any of you who tans on the reg *tips fedora* but I was excited to see the Madame La La West Coast Face Bronzing Serum in this month’s Blogger Beauty Box. I’ve only used the St Tropez In-Shower Gradual Tan because I thought it was easier to use than these crazy things. But I tested the West Coast serum on my leg, and oh my is it dark… But it spreads out nice and evenly to give a subtle tan effect (or at least on my skin it was quite subtle) and no streaks for my first tan application (yay me).

The last product in February’s Blogger Beauty Box was the DHC Mineral Mask which is a gorgeous green colour and contains mineral-rich clays to help purify your pores and help to boost your skin’s natural radiance. It doesn’t have a scent but feels very smooth and nourishing on the skin. As expected, it is nice and cold which I personally love (I usually use a clay mask when my skin is stressed and red) and it washes off easily.

The February Blogger Beauty Box is definitely my favourite one I have received and I continue to sign up for the next one. Keep an eye out for the March box in a few weeks!

What’s your favourite product form this month’s box? If you’re a blogger and wanting to try out this box, head over to to sign up!

RebeccaJane xo

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