14 Things I Love About Spring

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Spring is one of my 4 favourite seasons (see what I did there?), so it only seemed natural to write a post on my favourite things about this season. The weather is getting warmer and daffodil bouquets are in the shops so let’s get started before it’s winter again ;)

things i love about spring pocahontasjane

  1. Fresh cut grass – one of my absolute favourite smells. So fresh and green :) Just don’t walk through it after it’s rained. NIGHTMARE!
  2. Spring flowers – nothing beats the sunshine-yellow daffodils or the daisy chains just waiting to be made in Spring.
  3. EASTER! Easter has always been a great time for me because every year, my dad’s side of the family have a massive family picnic where we decorate eggs and roll them down the hill, have a feast of sandwiches and pastries and go for a nice country walk.
  4. Lambing season – okay, I’m not a farmer but I love lambing season. Driving or walking past the fields and seeing all those beautiful spring lambs hopping after their mummas just melts my heart *heart emoji*
  5. The crisp, clean air is by far a sure sign Spring is on it’s way. I love the transition from winter to spring when the air has a crisp chill to it but later it’s warm.
  6. Floral fashion trends – I love florals. I’ve always been a fan of wearing outrageous colours or patterns that take you back to the decades of your parents and grandparents and this Spring, I am pulling out all the stops on my journey to becoming the next big flower since Cee-Lo!
  7. Pretty pastels – gone are the deep berry and mysterious dark colours of winter and in comes the pale pinks and mint greens of Spring.
  8. Peonies! As beautiful as they are, I kinda went off peonies last year after seeing every blogger with a single stem or bouquet but after the winter break, bring it on!
  9. Seasonal fruit & veg – I try to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables so winter is quite a drag for me but I’m excited for getting back to my tropical citrus flavours and oh yum, watermelon season coming soon!
  10. PHOTOS! Now the sun is shining for longer and the skies are clearer, we bloggers can finally get some decent natural lighting for photos. My next OOTD will be outside. I can’t not take advantage of the wonderful Spring weather.
  11. Dates – Winter is too cold to go out for dinner so it’s always a takeaway. I’m looking forward to meeting friends and going out with Steven more, even if it’s just a light lunch.
  12. Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato. I need not explain this one.
  13. Picnics! I know this is in #3 but I love packing up a picnic and heading to the beach or a long walk.
  14. Letting my hair down – Winter takes its toll on my hair more than any other season and I find myself having it constantly braided or tied up to keep it out of the abrasive chill. Spring is just the perfect temperature to let my hair down and embrace my beautiful curls :)

What’s your favourite thing about Spring? Or are you sad to see Winter leave?

RebeccaJane xo

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