Spring Scents: Candles


Everyone loves a scented candle. If you don’t, you’re a freak and shouldn’t admit that to anyone. anyone. So I’ve been looking around for some new scented candles for Spring – y’know the ones, light and fresh. I went back to one of my favourite candle companies – Kiss Air Candles – to see what they had in terms of Spring scents. I ended up ordering 11 of their single wax melts. Some are perfect for the transition into Spring and most of them are ideal fresh and clean scents for making your home as Spring-able as possible.


Clean Cotton – It’s a given that this would be in a Spring scent list. It’s a well-known scent and perfect for cleansing out the winter scents from your home.

Peonies in Bloom – as stated in my Things I Love About Spring post, peonies are most bloggers Spring-time flower so a candle scent to amp up the bouquet is always a bonus *thumbs up emoji*

Sparkling Pomegranate – you may think this is best suited to Summer but it’s such a light fragrance that it deserves to last through Spring as well.

Cool Cucumber – I adore eating cucumber. I also like how fresh it smells. Ideal for Spring so this is my new favourite thing. Makes me hungry for cucumber sticks though.

Nectarine & Mint – I’m not the biggest fan of fresh mint or intense mint things, but this is the perfect blend of citrus and herb. Sweet nectarine with a delicate mint after-scent.

Rose Garden – this is just amazing. It actually smells like my granny’s rose bush. Sweet earthy notes with a light floral centre. This is every gardener’s dream candle.

Sun-kissed Raspberry – again, another light fruity scent that shouldn’t be kept until Summer. This one is slightly stronger than the Sparkling Pomegrante one but the raspberry is so divine I am already ordering more. I think this will be my perfect candle this year.

Other scents I ordered are ones I missed before – Toasted Marshmallow, Really Rhubarb and Vanilla Pod are beautiful winter/transition scents and Coconut which I feel is going to be perfect in Summer when barbecue season hits and the cocktails are flowing!

Kiss Air Candles single wax melts cost £1.25 which I think is very reasonable for the size of the melt and the burn-time too, not to mention the incredible scent from all their products. Candle tins can also be bought and they have Cocktail and Ice Cream scent range which will feature in my Summer edit so make sure you’re following me to get updated of new posts!

Check out my previous post featuring Kiss Air Candles.

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