Wilko Stationery Haul


I am obsessed with stationery. I have so many notebooks and pens and study tools that I have no idea what to do with them anymore! Every time I go to any shop that sells stationery, I have to leave with something. Recently I was in Wilko and one of my friends who works there actually came up to me and said ‘are you okay? you’ve been staring at the pens for like 5 minutes now’ – no word of a lie that happened last week. I don’t know what it is, but I just love a fresh notebook and some colourful pens. Not to mention all the accessories like cute hole punches, staplers and pencil cases. So anyway, here’s what I recently purchased on the stationery front.

wilko, notebook, diary, organiser, to do, organizer, filofax, personal planner

wilko, organiser, a6, filofax, personal planner, organizer

wilko, notebook, diary, journal, bullet journal

First off, these #SELFIE notebooks (I got two) were in clearance for 50p so obviously I had to buy them. They have 80 pages (160 sides), half of which are diary-style entries where you circle the corresponding day, date and month and have space to write your entry. I find this to be great for recording special moments I’d like to remember. I was always useless at writing in a diary consistently and the blank pages in-between entries always put me off continuing but this system is great for me. The other half is a grid design which has been useful for me to make a hard copy of blog related graphs – spreadsheets become annoying for me because I’m rarely on my laptop so I prefer having a paper copy and using all my colourful pens to make it look all pretty.

This A6 organiser is SO cute because it has my birth year on it so I also bought the ring binder a while ago which I’ve been using to keep all my personal documents tidy and safe. This pocket-sized organiser has 4 sections – To Buy, To Do, To Plan, To Write. This is super convenient for when I’m out and about and get random bursts of inspiration for blog posts, poems or even just my food shopping. It fits in my coat pocket or a handbag if that’s your thing and is just so easy to keep everything tidy. I’m forever forgetting which page of my notepad my ‘post ideas’ are or my ‘photos to take’ lists are but this keeps it all neat and easy to find.

wilko, botanica, sticky notes, post-it notes, memos, memo, index cards, study cards,

wilko, botanica, sticky notes, post-it notes

wilko, botanica, stamp, stamp set,

I have a lot from the Botanica range at Wilko. So far I have the scarf, two candles, notebook and now this beautiful stamp set and sticky note pad. I just find the design of the deep blue with fuschia and butterflies so gorgeous I can’t help myself from buying more from the range every time I visit. The sticky notes have 30 of EACH sticky note and have so many different uses – tabs for quick references, address/contact notes, list notes and more! The stamp set is just adorable isn’t it? The designs are so cute and they stamp really well with the ink provided. They have a thin rubber layer which is very easy to clean so you don’t mix the inks either.

wilko, fine tip pens, fine tip, pens, coloured pens, colored pens

The last piece of stationery I bought was this pack of fine tip pens. I have a large collection of coloured ballpoint pens and felt tip but no fine tip… Sorted that now haven’t I? These are really bright and colourful and don’t transfer or rip through the paper. I’m contemplating starting a bullet journal after reading Robowecop’s Bullet Journal post, so I thought these will come in handy for that. The pencil case is the only non-Wilko purchase – I bought this as a pack of 4 for less than £5 on Amazon. They all come in so useful to store my colouring pencils, fine tip pens, loose sticky notes and USB sticks as well as being big enough to fit some essential make up products in my handbag so I can find everything easily.

Are you a fan of stationery too? Let me know what your favourite stationery shops are in the comments! 

RebeccaJane xo

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13 thoughts on “Wilko Stationery Haul

  1. Wilko always have some really cool stationery, I got some great revision cards last year! I love the organiser you got :) xx

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com


    1. I’ve seen the Leuchttrum dotted notebooks in so many pretty colours but there’s a blank ArtWay doodle pad that looks incredible on Amazon if you’re thinking of getting a new notebook for bullet journalling (why not? Lol) xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh okay! Thanks! Yeah I wasn’t sure which kind to use. I have empty notebooks but don’t think they’re suitable…obviously need a new one! Haha xx


  2. I love the pieces you got from the Botanica range – the illustrations of the beetles and butterflies are lovely. I really like the pencil case too and you can never have too many coloured pens – they’re just great for everything! I love stationery. – Tasha


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