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I was recently in Tesco and it just so happened to be when the Produce team were doing their reductions so I managed to pick up a massive crate of big, juicy strawberries and 3 punnets of supersweet raspberries for next to nothing! This healthy eating malarky is great for my bank account haha. And before you say it, not a single berry was soft or over-ripe. I hit the jackpot and although I could easily have eaten all of them that night, I decided to make a berry smoothie with them.

I love smoothies and juices. They pack plenty of nutrients into a delicious on-the-go drink. On night shifts, I struggled to eat anything more than a yogurt so I made some smoothies to keep me going throughout the night. They were a vitamin-packed blessing that kept my energy levels up on busy shifts and light enough to sip throughout the night without upsetting my stomach.

This recipe is super easy and quick to make (hence the title) and is packed with fruit, Greek yogurt and coconut milk. It’s perfect for a nice Summer’s day sitting in the garden. It actually really fills you up as well. Plus, you can make this vegan-friendly by swapping out the Greek yogurt with soya.

Ingredients (for 400ml smoothie)

200g raspberries

4-5 medium/large strawberries – chopped

1 frozen banana – sliced

3 tablespoons low fat greek yoghurt

50-100ml coconut milk


Peel and slice the banana the night before, bag it and put in the freezer.

In the morning, place all the ingredients into a blender and pulse in 10 second bursts or until smooth.

Add more coconut milk to achieve your desired consistency.

Top with juicy raspberries and garnish your glass with a strawberry slice (if you’re feeling¬†faaaancy).

I prefer a more liquid consistency, rather than a thick yoghurt-like smoothie so I added in 100ml coconut milk. If your fruit is extra juicy, bear in mind the liquid from that will affect the consistency also. If your fruit is a little tart, you can add a little honey or a sprinkle of sugar to the fruit the night before and it will sweeten them up and add a little fruity syrup to your smoothie. I use coconut milk in my smoothies because it just tastes a lot lighter and fresher than regular or even almond milk. Coconut milk is also thinner than cow’s milk so it also affects the final viscosity of the smoothie.

Let me know if you make this or any variations you’ve tried as I’ve love to try them. I’m going to make smoothies and juices a more regular thing for me so send me some recipes!

RebeccaJane xo

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