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I’ve only really been ordering Graze boxes for about a year now and have enjoyed many a snack from the berry compote with oatcakes to the blueberry mini melba toasts with white chocolate dip – both super delicious and both dips yes. I like my dips. I am partial to the dippers box but usually I order the variety box to get a mix of the different snacks on offer. It’s always nice to not know what you’ll get – will I get the banoffee dippers? or will it be the sweet popcorn? Who knows, that’s the fun!

Yesterday I got my latest order – another variety box and I thought it would be cool to give you a wee looksy into my box and what I thought of the 4 snacks I received. YUM!

graze, honeycomb and almond granola, graze variety box

The Honeycomb & Almond Protein Yoghurt Topper is like a Cadbury Crunchie mixed with Crunchy Nut Clusters and it is delicious. I had this with low fat greek yoghurt and it was crunchy and sweet and tasty. I’m sure this would also work as an actual snack to nibble on at your desk but hey, I like yoghurt. With oat and barley granola, almonds, soy protein crispies and chocolate covered honeycomb pieces, you can’t go wrong.

Graze Cherries & Berries

Cherries and Berries is a sticky-sweet mix of lingonberries, cherries, cranberries and jumbo raisins. I thought the jumbo raisins were prunes because they tasted so sweet and similar but alas, they were the traditional school-lunch snack of yesterdays (remember Sun Maid?) These were gone pretty quick after taking this photograph, not gonna lie.

graze, protein beans, beans,

One of my favourite snacks in my variety box was the Pro Bean mix. A combination of edamame (my absolute favourite ever since tasting a Tesco sushi pack), chilli broad beans and redskin peanuts. In this fun-size box, you get a whopping 9g of protein which is great for your body and the flavour combination is even better! The peppery crunch of the edamame with the sweet chilli texture of the broad beans and the classic taste of redskin peanuts, it’s a perfect mix of beans. toot toot.

Graze Carrot Cake & Afternoon Tea

I absolutely LOVE carrot cake. My dad took me out for afternoon tea last week and I ordered a homemade slice (more like a slab) of carrot cake and it was delcious. This cake however, is bite-size so the flavour is a hella lot moreish because you know you have to savour that tiny piece of sweet n spicy heaven. This is one of the most moist cakes I’ve ever tasted. I was nibbling on this to enjoy it longer because it’s so delicious. The spices are so subtle that they are just the right amount to be enjoyable and not overpowering or dissatisfying. This cake came with an ‘afternoon infusion’ of assam tea but since starting my weightloss journey, I’ve found that I can’t drink tea because I find it impossible to enjoy without sugar so I probably won’t be drinking this but I’m sure this would be a lovely accompaniment to the cake.

I think I might start ordering a variety box every month as a treat yo’self snack box. Although I have my eyes on the flapjack box next…

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2 thoughts on “Graze Variety Box

  1. I used to get graze boxes to arrive at my work on a Monday they were tasty and always a surprise I liked the chocolate buttons Brazil nuts and coconut


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