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Friendships Make The Little Things In Life Beautiful

Blogging is such a wonderful activity. It brings together like-minded people and creates long-lasting and strong connections, both professional and personal. I know that my family and friends probably get annoyed with me whenever I bring up blogging because it isn’t something they do so it’s mostly a one-sided conversation and there’s no point in me boring people. That’s where blogger friends come in. They’re your cyber-family. The people who are always online no matter what time of night. They are always first to reply to your unhappy status updates and will re-like your second tweet after you deleted the first one for typos. They’re not just bloggers, they’re friends. I read this post from Discovering Charlotte on Why Bloggers Need Blogger Buddies and it inspired me to give my blogger buddies a special shoutout.

Danielle // Underland To Wonderland – Danielle is one of the most kind and loveliest people I have met (you know what I mean) and she is always so upbeat and on hand to offer some support. Danielle is someone I feel I would get on great with if we ever met.

Lisa // The Beaux Diaries – Lisa is one of the first bloggers I talked to after starting my blog. Turns out we share a blog-versary, isn’t that amazing? She’s a wonderful person who always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh!

Chelsea // Le Beau Fleur – Chelsea is an amazing person who never fails to lift my spirits and encourages me to do well. She’s a fitness inspiration as well as a great friend.

Katie // Little Katie – Katie is possibly the sweetest person ever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her say anything mean about anyone. She’s always so supportive and says exactly the right thing at the right time.

Kelly // The Vegan Taff – Kelly is an incredible person. She’s one heck of a comedian and someone I wish lived closer. She’s an amazing friend.

Rhianna // Robowecop – Rhianna’s vlogs always make me smile and I look forward to watching them every week. Her overall personality is so kind and supportive, I consider her to be friendship goals.

Tina // Tea is for Tina – Tina is someone I’ve been talking to more often and I love her personality. She’s super kind and sweet and I feel like she’s a really genuine friend.

Lucie // Tetris and Cheesecakes – Lucie is someone I’m so thankful for being set up with (Christmas Secret Santa) because she has the BEST attitude. She’s just hilarious and a really awesome person. I feel like I could tell her the most random of things and she’d get it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of my blogger buddies. I will write about them in more depth soon because I feel they deserve to be recognised for their kind souls and warm hearts. I’m glad to have friends like this in the blogging community. I love you guys!!

RebeccaJane xo

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4 thoughts on “Blogger Friends

  1. Awww you are just the sweetest and most warm hearted girl ever!!! You were my first blogging buddy to and I’m so happy we share a blogaversary!! You always make me laugh with your witty posts and hilarious tweets! Love hearing about your little updates about you Steven and bandit! I feel like I know you all! Wish we lived closer so we could go for tea and cake!
    Lisa xxx


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