May Fitness Challenge


As of the start of May, I have decided to try and get my fitness back. I’ve set myself a fitness challenge for the month and next month I’ll have another challenge and add extra bits and gradually build myself up again. I’ve always been good at squats and lunges so it seemed an easier option to choose a challenge with them for me to begin my fitness again. My pick for May is a 28 day challenge but I’m just going to continue it for the last few days anyway and try to improve with other exercise goals like going for a jog or something.

I found this challenge on Pinterest and so far it’s working out quite well. At one point in my ‘fitness life’, I was doing 300 squats a day (with rest days of course) and I loved it so I’m really hoping to get myself back there again. The deep lunges are proving to be more menacing but I’m going to smash it!! I can’t wait to complete this and write a follow-up post on this. I haven’t taken a ‘before’ photo for this challenge because I already have photos of myself so I’m just going to review myself again in a few months rather than after each challenge.

I don’t particularly want to keep seeing photos of myself while I still look like this. I know it’s good to see your progress and keeps you motivated but I think it would just knock me back. If I get myself into a good habit of working out regularly and being more consistent instead of half-assing it then I think I’ll be much more surprised/pleased with myself.

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I’m really excited to be doing this challenge and I’d love you to join me if you fancy it! Let me know what your top tips are for these exercises :)

RebeccaJane xo

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3 thoughts on “May Fitness Challenge

  1. I love that you’re getting back into fitness. But remember, over working of the muscles can be very damaging, and can set you back in your fitness goal!

    Take it slow, and build yourself up. These challenges are very unrealistic, even for a gym bunny like myself.

    Good luck with your journey

    Love, Chelsea xx


    1. Oh don’t worry, I’m taking it easy. I’ve actually had to take tonight off the lunges because my knee keeps clicking but I managed the jumping jacks and squats so I figure any progress is progress. Will be working on the lunges slower me thinks.
      Thanks Chelsea, you’re definitely a driving force behind all this 😘


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