Weekend Box Review


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The Weekend Box is an ideal subscription box for busy parents or creative kids to indulge no matter what the weather may be like outside. They come in two sizes – the mini box which contains 2 activities and is a fortnightly subscription for £4.95 and the bumper box for £7.50 which can be either a fortnightly or monthly box with 4 activities. Both reasonably priced and with added extras like collectable stickers and a personalised box for your child, it really is something I feel both parents and kids will enjoy together. I’m aware that I am not a parent blogger or even a parent for that matter but some of you may be parents and might really like the idea of this box as much as I do. I ordered the bumper box and received a box full of activities with a ‘Rainforest’ theme. Oh yeah, the boxes are themed with fun facts and each activity centred around the main theme. That’s pretty cool and makes this box even more fun.

The box introduces you to the four characters – Wooster, Hattie, Sammy and Oswald. Four adorable animals with unique talents in baking, gardening, creating and exploring. When I opened the box, I was met with four colourful bags with each animal’s sticker.

weekend box, kids, children, activities, parents, parenting

weekend box, kids, children, activities, parents, parenting

weekend box, kids, children, activities, parents, parenting

weekend box, kids, children, activities, parents, parenting

The box comes with almost everything you need for each activity.

RED // WOOSTER – Trail Mix Cookies

This bag comes with oats and raisins and you add a banana and step-by-step picture recipe is on the back of the card with a fun fact about food and rainforests (sticking to the theme). It’s a healthy and fun thing to bake with your little one.

BLUE // SAMMY – Parrot Mask

The box gives you foam, card, glue, crayons, elastic and a mask template for you cut out. All you need are the scissors and your little one can decorate their parrot mask any way they like.

GREEN // HATTIE – Grow A Rainforest

This is my favourite because how cool would it be to grow your own rainforest in your home? Pretty cool I know. The green bag comes with soil, seeds and string and you just add an empty bottle and use some scissors to cut it to shape and bish bash bosh, your mini rainforest will be growing in weeks! A perfect opportunity to discuss the environment and protected nature with your children too.

YELLOW // OSWALD – Bubble Wrap Snake

This one is pretty cool too. You get a paper plate, paint, bubble wrap, glue, ribbon and googly eyes to make a snake! design your snake and cut it to the shape and you can add string to hang it in your bedroom.

The Weekend Box also comes with stickers for your child to collect. I think this is an interesting addition to the box because since they’re all different themes, the stickers are all different and make for some interesting stickers.

I think this is a great little box for busy parents who don’t necessarily have a lot of time to plan activities or money to go out every weekend. This is a great rainy-day box too. Great for having some fun delivered to your door!

What do you think of the Weekend Box? Is it something you’d buy?

RebeccaJane xo

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