Hair Experts Root Touch-Up Powder*


My hair is my favourite thing about myself. I know I say that in every hair-related post but it’s true. I take a lot of pride in it and spend a lot of time caring for and maintaining my luscious locks. I was recently sent a new hair product to test out – Hair Experts Root Touch Up*. This is designed as an ‘in-between’ product, ie perfect for people who dye their hair or have grey hairs to use between dyeing. I haven’t dyed my hair in a long time and although I have the odd baby grey hair, I don’t really have much of a use for this product – or at least I thought I didn’t. My mum however, has lots of grey hairs around her hairline which stand out against her jet black hair and dark skin, so I figured this product might benefit her when she doesn’t have time to dye it properly.

The product is basically a talc-based powder and comes in adorable packaging with a full mirror and dual-ended brush. I must admit, I wasn’t blown away by the product when I first opened it. I thought ‘isn’t this just eyeshadow for your hair?’ and ‘why all the packaging for a little powder and a fancy brush?’ Although the brush is actually incredibly soft and is pretty handy to have the two different brushes to achieve the best outcome, it just seemed bland and nothing really wow’d me about it.

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Unfortunately, mum’s hair had been dyed a few weeks before receiving this so there were scarce few greys dotted about her head where the dye didn’t take so we found a patch of grey roots and followed the instructions on the outer packaging, ‘using the brush, pull your hair tight in a downwards motion and apply colour to your grey or dark roots. Build up the colour as desired to achieve the coverage and shade that blends with your colour.’

hair experts, hair product, root touch up, root retouch, dyed hair, hair dye, coloured hair, colored hair, highlights, lowlights


hair experts, hair product, root touch up, root retouch, hair dye, dyed hair, coloured hair, colored hair, highlights, lowlights


As you can see from the pictures above, Hair Experts Root Touch Up did cover my mum’s grey hairs. We followed the instructions – she held her hair and I used the soft brush to sweep the colour onto the hair, then used the stiffer brush to pat the colour into the hair firmly. I deliberately only did the bottom half so you can compare the results for yourself. We did need to build this up with a few applications, working out which brush would be better for what and found that the soft brush was great at picking up and applying the product and the stiffer brush was better at setting it in place.

The powder itself is very pigmented and a strong matte black. You can tell in the photograph it works well to control shine and grease. The product says to use after drying or styling but I think this product would take better to hair a day or two after washing, when there’s a little bit of oil for the powder to cling to. We found that on freshly washed and dried hair, we were needing to add more and more powder to fully cover the grey roots. Since it contains talc, I think this would work in sync with a dry shampoo (if not, it would be a fantastic option for a dry shampoo) as it soaks up grease well.

In the photographs above, you can see the amount of product that has transferred to the skin as well as the hair. Of course this was going to happen but then it occurred to me that this product could double as a hair thickener. Well a fake hair thickener – the art of dying your scalp so your hair looks thicker and more fuller? So we tried it out on my mum’s hairline and the results are below.

hair experts, hair product, dyed hair, coloured hair, colored hair, highlights, hair dye, lowlights


hair experts, hair dye, root touch up, root retouch, dyed hair, grey hairs, grey coverage, lowlights, highlights


As you can see, it does actually thicken the hairline. We didn’t use a lot of product on this but if you normally have a middle or side parting, this could be very useful for that to give the illusion of fuller hair. You can see the scalp poking through in the before picture and much less so in the after. The day we trialled this product, was particuarly hot – around 18 degrees or so (that’s hot for us) and this powder didn’t clump or blow away in the breeze either. It stayed put for the rest of the day and night and through until the following morning after a night’s sleep. It wasn’t as dark as when first applied of course, but you could definitely tell it was still there.

Overall, I think the Hair Experts Root Touch Up is a useful product as it comes with all the necessary equipment (mirror and dual-ended brush) which makes it handy for travelling or on-the-go when you suddenly notice a grey hair ahh. I do think it works similarly to a dry shampoo in the sense that the product clings to oily hair better than dry/freshly washed hair so it could work well with a dry shampoo (dry shampoo first, then hair experts so the colour doesn’t go grey when mixed with the white dry shampoo) and it definitely doubles as a thickener. I can only speak for the Black shade but it does seem to be an interesting product. At only £9.99 and stocked in Boots, it’s worth checking out if you have grey hairs or regrowth in-between dyes, or even if you just have a few pesky grey hairs and not yet at the full-blown panic stage. As I first mentioned, I thought this product would be similar to an eyeshadow but it is most definitely better suited to touching up those unwanted greys.

Ingredients as stated on outer packaging:
Mica, Talc, Magnesium Stearate, Parraffinum liquidum, Ethylhexyl palmitate, Polybutene, Dimethicone, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Titanium dioxide(CI77891), Red Iron Oxide(CI77491), Yellow Iron Oxide(CI77492), Black Iron Oxide(CI77499), FERRIC FERROCYANIDE(CI77510)

What are your best tips for covering grey hairs? Let me know in the comments!

RebeccaJane xo

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Disclaimer: Hair Experts Root Touch Up is a PR sample sent for consideration for review. All opinions/content are 100% my own. Read my full disclaimer here for more information.

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