20 Facts About Me

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There are many interesting (read: weird, goofy or strange) little facts about me as I’m sure there are about everyone. I don’t think people really think about the little things and how every little detail makes up our personality and becomes part of us. I thought I’d share with you, 20 facts about me and I hope you like it!

20 Facts About Me | PocahontasJane


  1. I have an insane fear of clowns. I wrote a whole post about IT because it really affects me.
  2. My favourite animals are Blue Whales (sea) and Africa Elephants (land), because they’re beautiful creatures.
  3. I am mixed race – my mummy West-Indian and my daddy is a Scottish red head. My olive skin often looks jaundice in photos bleurgh.
  4. I have a thing for even numbers. I will eat an even number of food and I tend to do things an even number of times. It plays on my mind constantly if I don’t do it and I dunno, I just feel like even numbers are couples, together. Unlike odd numbers which are lonely and I don’t want to make anything lonely (I realise how insane that sounds but that is the simplest way to describe it.)
  5. I have never broken a bone and I’m proud of that because I have done some stupid sh*t in my short life and I’ve never had any serious injuries. Yay for calcium.
  6. I’ve also never had a bleeding nose. And I’ve been in a fair few fights when I was younger. No, I wasn’t a thug or a ‘ruffian (?)’, I just somehow always ended up in fights with drunken idiots.
  7. I used to have two Russian dwarf hamsters named Charlie (boy) and Terri (girl). Terri was super active and energetic, constantly on the go, whereas Charlie would just run to a corner in his ball and sit and eat his munchies he’d saved up lol.
  8. I love cartoons. Adult or kids. I find cartoons are great background noise for when I’m busy or even just to fall asleep listening to. I watch Cartoon Network and Adult Swim a lot.
  9. I am a sock hoarder. I have a huge box filled with unworn socks that I bought purely because they were pretty and I have never worn them, purely because they’re too pretty and my fat feet wouldn’t do them justice. I fold them up all neat and place them in the ‘sock box’ never to be worn.
  10. Cows are creepy af and I do not like them. That blank stare and those empty eyes just stealing your soul. No thanks. Hate them. They’re the worst part about living in the country.
    Creepy Cows
  11. I’m incredibly protective of my family. I know everyone says they are but I have actual plans made in the event that anything should happen to my family. No one is murdering them and getting away with it (even though we live in a tiny village with mostly old people…)
  12. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Midwifery. I graduated in December.
  13. I learn languages pretty quick. Not like superhuman quick but I pick up things easily from conversation and context. French is the only subject I got consistent A’s/90+% in at school and I learned basic German watching German tv with English subtitles. Enough to talk with an old German couple about our holiday so… yeah #skillz
  14. I won the spelling bee at my primary school and my winning word was ‘frustration’.
  15. I make food decisions based on a strange subconscious algorithm where I find something better than the other. ie at dinner, I’ll take whatever plate looks ‘better’ to me, even though they’re all *the same* (except they’re not the same in my head).
  16. I’m from a close-nit family. We share everything and argue a lot, but we love each other no matter what (that rhymes and it was totally unintentional *fist bump*).
  17. I practically live in pyjamas. I have a set for all occasions – Christmas, Halloween, business meeting? Pyjama suit. I freaking love pyjamas.
  18. I used to play the violin but gave up because I forgot to practice and my instructor was mean and I didn’t want to get told off. I expected my mum to end it for me but she made me do it and I got told off anyway.
  19. I love chicken. My favourite meal is a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings. On a girls holiday in Kavos, my friend Sarah came back with KFC (Kavos Fried Chicken smh) and it woke drunken me up and I scoffed the lot. Chicken is my jam, except it’s chicken.
  20. I use crystals to help with depression. I use them in a variety of ways to balance me out and I know that sounds weird but out of all the things I’ve tried, crystals have made the biggest difference to my mental health.

There you go, 20 facts about me. I hope you found this entertaining because I know how strange and funny some of those sound. Laugh away! I know I’m weird :) What’s a strange fact about you? Let me know in the comments.

RebeccaJane xo

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4 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

  1. Nope, totally with you on the odd numbers thing! I can’t have the radio/TV volume on an odd number, and Id rather eat an even amount of food than an odd if I can help it.


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