Blogger Beauty Box – May


After the success of my 6 Months of #BBloggerBox: My Favourite Products, I was really looking forward to May’s box, but I won’t sugar coat it – I am a little disappointed in this box. Don’t get me wrong, there are some products I am really looking forward to using but overall, I just felt it was a little repetitive with products we’ve had before and samples I am getting tired of. I just want to make it known that this is not a dig at the creator of the Blogger Beauty Box AT ALL, because she does a fantastic job and I am always looking forward to them – my issue with this box will be made clear as we go on.

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You may have read my review of the Hair Experts Root Touch Up powder*, well we got it in this month’s box. That isn’t an issue because this powder is actually really useful for thinning hairlines and absorbing grease, but rather the colour choice I received – Blonde. I know it’s virtually impossible to make sure you have matching shades and the company would have already sent them out but I know have a product that I cannot use. I will obviously be giving it away and I’m sure there are some people who received a shade similar to their own but I just won’t be able to use it unfortunately.

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Moving on to the next disappointment in this box for me. Technically my only disappointments as the Hair Experts was just a little downer because I can’t use it. Merumaya have a bit of a reputation over here at PocahontasJane with their stupidly small sample sizes! I can not express enough how much I have begun to hate this brand now because the last 3 months of Blogger Beauty Box have had silly little samples from them that don’t even hold enough for one application of it. Explain to me how I’m supposed to use a mud mask that says it’s 3ml but it’s more like 1ml?? This month we received the Everything, Everywhere Beauty Oil which, according to the leaflet the oil came with (probably because you wouldn’t notice the sample otherwise, it’s so tiny), it says you can use this oil on your hair, scalp, hands/nails, body – everywhere.

Similar to last month’s TOTM tampons, this month we received some Veeda tampons and pads. As I said in last month’s post, I don’t use tampons and I don’t know many people who do (I found this out after trying to give them to friends/neighbours) and you can’t exactly donate them to women’s shelters because no survivors of sexual assault are going to want to use tampons so it did disappoint me a little to see more tampons for the second month in a row. We did receive two pads and two tampons which was a nice change because I will use the pads but for feminine hygiene, it would probably be more suited to the majority of people by using pads instead of tampons.

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Moving on to the items I was looking forward to. The Richard Ward Keratin Rehab conditioning treatment smells divine. I am looking forward to using this but after looking for more info on it online, I found that it isn’t listed on the RW website so I don’t know if it has been discontinued or what but either way, I’m still looking forward to using this.

Next is a familiar brand – if you read my February Blogger Beauty Box post, you’d have seen the Puriskin bespoke lip treat I received. Well, this month we received this wonderful product – the Puriskin Nurse Aid hand cream. This seems like a really useful and interesting product – it’s a barrier cream for use on bruises, burns, dermatitis, scrapes and cuts and more. It’s like sudocrem I suppose, except this lasts longer and doesn’t smear all your clothes with a thick white paste.

I know this post seems super negative and I really am not trying to be mean but I was a little disappointed with the May Blogger Beauty Box. I can’t use one of the products at all, one is a super teeny tiny sample and I don’t use tampons. BUT I am looking forward to using the conditioning treatment and the nurse aid cream will come is so handy (perfect for festival season).

Every beauty box has at least one not-quite-as-good-as-usual box and for me, it was this box. I am still really looking forward to the June box which will be featured next month.

Let me know your thoughts on this month’s in the comments below.

RebeccaJane xo

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