Happy Birthday To Me: My Baby Book


*Warning – adorable photos*

Today at 11:10am, I will officially be 22 years old. 22 years breathing and causing mayhem and I realised I haven’t really done much. OH WELL. I was going to write about all my accomplishments in my life but there really aren’t many so instead, I thought I’d let you all in on the most personal moment in my entire life (to date)… My early days as told by my baby book.

This will hopefully be a lovely stroll down memory lane.. not for me obviously because I have zero memories from then. I have bits and bobs from my younger life but I remember life consistently from my teens. Wow, my memory is sh*t.

Anyway, here’s some info from my baby book. I’ve deliberately left out the story of my birth that my mum has written because that’s private so here’s everything else!

My Baby Book

grumpy baby me – nothing’s changed!

I was born on Friday 17th June 1994 at 11:10am in a pleasant little maternity hospital in the South West of Scotland.

I weighed 7lbs 11oz and was 49.5cm long. Aww so cute.

I was actually a super ugly baby. Y’know how everyone thinks their own baby is beautiful no matter what? Well I was honestly such an ugly baby, like the complete opposite to how I imagined I would look as a newborn. I expected a full head of black hair and a photogenic face but really I was a mess.

my first selfie with mama

my first selfie with mama

Some snippets from my birth story that are a-okay to publish for you guys…

“They wrapped you up and gave you to me to hold. I was so excited and nervous I cried and kissed you and held your tiny hands.” Aww mum :’)

“Morag [student doctor] held you so much she just fell in love with you.” 

“Your sister had been waiting a long time for you…waiting with a bunch of flowers and dolly for you.” Haha Cassie, you loved me!!

my sister and I - totes adorbs

my sister and I – totes adorbs

My mum writes that my eyes were brown and my hair was a brownish red. I came home from the hospital on Father’s Day (Sunday 19th June 1994) and apparently “it was a beautiful warm sunny day” so clearly I was meant to be adored.

The only grandparent to write in my baby book was my maternal grandfather. Papa and I used to have a really close connection and were basically each other’s BFFs. He wrote “you are a smashing baby”. 

I was a pretty docile baby. Apparently I rarely woke unless mum was late with my feeds or if I was windyyy. HAH, it’s never stopped since!!

my first Christmas dinner

my first Christmas dinner

From my mum – “You seem to dote on your sister. Anything she does you laugh at. She’s the only one who can make you laugh without tickling. At 6 months, all you want to do is play with Cassie’s toys and pens. She doesn’t want that.” Well Cassie, it looks like the tables have turned since you steal all my clothes now haha.

“Rebecca Jane’s smile lights up her whole face and you are the most contented little baby I’ve ever met.” :’)

photobombed on the carousel

photobombed on the carousel

There’s loads more information about my Christening and first Christmas etc but it’s all a little too personal so forgive me for not sharing.

It’s been really nice reading these lovely comments about me as a baby. It’s so strange to think that I’ll never know what I was like as a baby so all I have is this book and my family’s memories. Of course people only add the lovey-dovey happy stuff in a baby book but still, it’s a wonderful read.

I do feel bad for my older sister who never got this luxury. My mum says she could not find a baby book for the life of her while pregnant with Cassie but apparently they were very popular by the time I came along.

I hope you enjoyed this little welcome into my life. I know there’s a few older pics of me but to be honest, all the baby pictures in the house look the same and they could honestly be anyone so enjoy my big beautiful brown eyes *wink wink*.

Today is my first birthday at home since before uni so we’re having a day together and we’re watching my favourite movie – Calamity Jane!!

I would love to start posting more personal posts here so this was good to test the water and for a special occasion of course! Please let me know if you’d like more personal posts in the comments. All suggestions are welcome.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.

RebeccaJane xo

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Okay so I couldn’t NOT include my all-time favourite picture of myself as a child. I look too fabulous to not share this with the world. Enjoy!

sheer perfection I know

sheer perfection I know


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